We are now in-laws, seeing as our kids got married.

He posed as a dentist at that bar.

I don't have anything to write about.

Laurianne is just sitting on the porch, doing nothing.

Is there something I need to know?

The world population reached one billion for the first time in 1804.

I am not certain what I have in mind myself.

It could have been anybody.

We just met.

Let me get you something for the pain.

Kayvan made a lot of money.

What are you washing?

I want to work in a hospital.

The new countries were extremely rich in resources.

Have mercy!

I promise that this discussion will be the last of its kind.

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I have no particular talent.

I can tell that you've suffered.

That car belongs in a museum.

Somebody needs to stop you.

Where are they off to?

A popular, capacious theatre in the city tempted many a moviegoer on a hot, sunny afternoon.

Johan must've gone home already.


He is not my son, but my nephew.


My robot's name is Maruchi.

They have a good time.

I often feel extremely exhausted.

Masanobu fidgeted uncomfortably.

Give it everything you've got.

If you had told me you were planning to go, I would've waited for you.

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Naoki is as old as Kaori.

2005 was a bad year for music sector. Because Kylie Minogue caught breast cancer.

The last examination was very difficult.

The matter made his name known.


He has designs on that girl.


He's a ghost hunter.

You have to change trains at Shinjuku.

Maybe we ought to ask Susan for advice.

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Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.


Do you know if my father is still in the office?

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I'll be back in thirty minutes so I'll be in time for the concert.

I'm just looking out for them.

You're wrong about me.

Nils asked Danny how she had lost so much weight.

The question is before the committee.

I seldom hear from Debi.

He stared at me with a blank expression.

I had no clue what to do.

I can't tolerate Jelske's behavior.

We have to keep working.

Let it be ever so humble, there is no place like home.

I'm here to talk about them.

I've never had problems before.

Indra is always looking at you.

He saw the file.

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I'm guessing you already know the answer to that.

Apart from a few spelling mistakes, it is a good composition.

Old habits are hard to break.

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When I give an order, I expect it to be followed.

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I have a lot riding on this.

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Please come by 2:30.

Formidable looking spiders do not attack people.

Saturn has the lowest density of any planet in our solar system. Its density is so low that it would float if it was placed in water.

Has Ron ever been a problem?

I've never seen a scorpion.

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Kamel bought a shawl for his mother.

Michelle doesn't feel like working this morning.

Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.

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I'm trying to work out here. Do you want to spot me?

How's your sister today?

He often writes to his parents.

Wow. The stars are so beautiful out here.

I didn't think of the consequences.


I never for a moment imagined that Briggs would be convicted.

The power of his physique is evident to all who look at him.

Don't judge a man by his clothes.


On August 19, 1960, the Soviet spacecraft Korabyl-Sputnik 2 carried two dogs (named Belka (Squirrel) and Strelka (Little Arrow)) into space and returned them safely to Earth.

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We arrived at the city before night.

None of us are giving up on you.

I'm sure Trent is grateful for your support.

Skip is very gregarious while Honzo is quite antisocial.

Liza is the love of my life.

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I was surprised to see your name on the board.


They are living in misery.


Come here tomorrow without fail.

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She has dry hair.

Maurice is very contented.

Mr Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to come.


The servants' screams awakened everyone.

Glynn isn't in the mood anymore.

Sergeant is the one who told me when the meeting would be.

Can I have your phone number?

Novo doesn't care whether Clare stays or not.

Stuart couldn't decide what to order.

Her condition took a turn for the worse last night.

It scares me that we have frequently had earthquakes lately.

We'll be right out.

To my surprise, he failed in the exam.

He got out of the cab in haste saying, "Keep the change."

What an animal it is!

I really need you.

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Have you ever served as a witness in a court case?


I work with her boyfriend.

A friend told me that story.

It is a pity that the singer died so young.

I wonder why Danielle was so confused.

Today, we are going to unravel the mystery of the English subjunctive.

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Begging from unknown entities isn't wise.

We strolled through the park.

I guess they speak French.

Have the devil's own luck.

It's not our will that makes us act, but our imagination.

As for me, I have no question.

Why are you so nice to me?


I'm going to fly to the moon.

To do him justice, he is a discreet man.

On Friday night, three men came into Mr White's hotel and asked for rooms.

What is the price of this cap?

My friends don't pay attention to me anymore.

When a man cries, he is strong. When a woman cries, she is being hysterical.

Several passengers on the train were injured in the accident.

I've been to Boston more than once.

I need to handle this alone.


He's so big!

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What is it that bothers you?

I could've sworn I heard something.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Stanislaw and I are the only ones still here.

The lamp is hanging from the ceiling.

I bet you work.

Because of hunger and fatigue, the dog finally died.

I am never at home on Sundays.

We're not gonna make it, are we?

Suzan asked Clifford to help John.

What would you have her do?

She still keeps her babies for longer.

Allan didn't allow me to pay for dinner.


Where were you standing?


Do you play the piano?

There was no doubt in my mind that Dawson knew the answer.

How many guitars do you own?

Where did you push them?

You don't listen, do you?

I convinced him of his fault.

Let's eat.


What image did you have in mind as you painted this picture?

He kindly answered questions.

The room's nicely fixed up for the party.


At last, he got the car.

You know it's me.

We arrived at the city, where we stayed for a week.


Rajarshi never got married.

Could you please refrain from interrupting me constantly!

Again, hello.

She never cares about my feelings.

What are we all doing?

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There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow.

Why don't you try this one?

She seems excited.

This is non-negotiable.

The evening before the wedding, Neville was still calm as a cucumber.


It's only a play.

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Skeeter was shocked to learn that the DNA was Clem's.