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Our mission

To protect KIDS from ADULT CONTENT

If you are like most parents then you were completely unaware of the content being delivered to your children on a daily basis until recently. Suggestive searches, Youtube and many of these popular platforms have individual settings for restrictions that do not work accross the many devices our kids utilize. Restrict Youtube,Google,Yahoo,Bing Images & Adult Websites across all devices.

Do it all on a network wide basis.

Product Features

Filter Websites

Continue to access popular sites without the Adult Content.

Surf Privately

Hide your online identity and browse anonymously online, so you can browse without being tracked.

Avoid Hackers

Prevent malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks over any port. Block malicious URL paths & direct IP connections at the IP-layer.


Get Started

Protect your Children from ADULT CONTENT. Restrict Youtube,Google,Yahoo,Bing Images & Websites.

Do it all on a network wide basis.

Digital Kids Roaming

Individual Devices - Coming Soon...

Add Digital Kids agent to protect Windows and Mac OS X devices from threats on the internet, anywhere you go. This covers individual devices. Our Powerful Access Point is travel friendly in the meantime until this product is available.

Access Point + Service

Coverage for all your devices

Connect a Digital Kids WiFi access point to your existing network. Devices that are connected to this access point will have complete protection. Devices include mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. Anything that will connect wirelessly can be protected immediately. Shield your kids today.

Cancel your subscription at any time.

Digital Kids Additional AP

WAP Only - Coming Soon...

Purchase an additional Digital Kids Wi-Fi Access Point to take with you on the go! Our Powerful Access Points will keep you and your children protected from Hackers and allow you to surf privately. Remember you must have an existing { service plan to utilize }. Keep your kids shielded on the go!

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