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  • 713-742-7845Brake adusting nut. Exact fit to OEM. Made from Carbon Steel. Case hardened to match OEM. Used on steering clutch brake band. 2 Used per crawler.
  • A684R Cast Lug
    A684R Cast Lug
    Cast iron lugs for John Deere Model A tractors with "Skeleton" style steel rear wheels.
  • R55289 Shift Pattern Decal
    R55289 Shift Pattern Decal
    John Deere R55289 Gear shift pattern decal for John Deere 4030, 4230, 4430, 4630, 8430, 8630s with the Synco Range transmission.
  • 5128682576NEW ATE1044YT Lower track roll for all BO Lindeman’s, all MC’s, and all 40’s up to serial number 62263.
  • (925) 525-7781NOS AA2253R (AA5554R) Fuel Tank. This fuel tank is used for several things. It's used as the gasoline tank (also known as the starting tank) on the A, 60, and 620 all-fuel tractors.
  • 9045592730This Item has been SOLD!!! NOS AT86204 front idler assembly for a John Deere 450 crawler. This assembly includes AT32571 (T33365) front idler, and both T112807 (T38807) side brackets.
  • AR39587 Fuel Tank
    AR39587 Fuel Tank
    Fuel tank for John Deere 4010, 4010I, 4020, and JD600 tractors. This is the tank for both Gas and Diesel.