In 2012, following Middlebury most recent reaccreditation, we decided to take action on two recommendations made by the accreditors. The first was that we revisit out board governance structure. We did this in a new board structure that went into effect last July. The second was that we make more clear the relationship among all of the Middlebury schools and programs. This leads us to the announcement today, Jan. 7, 2015, that we are introducing a new Middlebury identity system. What you will see and learn about on this site is the result of a process that has taken more than a year and and benefited from the input of hundreds of students, alumni, faculty and staff. We hope you will take a few minutes to see how it all came together.


The inspiration for the merger between Middlebury and the Monterey Institute is obvious: Middlebury is known for its pre-eminent global and language-based programs. Monterey offers Masters level professional degrees with a focus on language. Joining forces, they provide programs for a wide range of students focusing on language-based studies and careers.

With its name change, The Monterey Institute of International Studies at Monterey s now brought under the same umbrella as all of Middlebury’s other programs, cementing a relationship that is growing in richness and offers great promise for the future.


Middlebury Logos

The new Institute shield grows out of a larger project that Middlebury has undertaken to standardize the identities of all its various programs and institutes. But there is a difference. While the other programs use a version of the Middlebury shield that incorporates Old Chapel, a signature building on the Middlebury campus, and the Bread Loaf mountains, the shield for the Institute features the Segal building, which was the first building on the Monterey campus, and which features California Mission architecture to emblematic of the region. To learn more about the rest of the Middlebury’s new identify, visit here.



Does this mean the Institute will no longer be known as the Monterey Institute?

Yes. Moving forward, the official name of the Institute is the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. We believe this change is in the long-term benefit of the Institute, its students, faculty and staff, as well as its alumni. Making explicit the Institute’s status as a school of Middlebury will create new opportunities for growth and recognition.

Is the Institute changing its mission?

Absolutely not. The Institute known for its masters-level professional programs in translation, interpretation, business, and policy studies. This focus will continue. We do expect greater collaboration between Monterey and Middlebury over time, with more faculty moving back and forth, and more Middlebury undergraduates enrolling in programs at the Institute.

Does the shield replace the circle with the three flags?

Yes. That symbol debuted about 7 years ago and has served the Institute well. But try as did, we were not able to incorporate the flags into the new identity system in a way that made sense for the institution as a whole.

I am concerned that my degree from the Monterey Institute may be less valuable if the name no longer exists. What are you doing to address that?

We will provide a letter to any alumnus or alumna of the Institute who requests one explaining the name change and attesting to the fact that the Institute’s mission remains the same.

Also, for a period of time the new identity system will indicate that the Institute was formerly knows as the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

What about those students who are currently enrolled at MIIS? What will their diplomas say?

Students currently enrolled in programs at Monterey have the option of having either the old name or the new name on their diplomas. We are currently engaged in an extensive communications campaign to inform all interested parties of the name change to avoid confusion.

How can particular offices or departments get hold of the logo for use on business cards and other printed material?

Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for guidance on using the new identity system. We are eager to work with you to implement the new program.


The Middlebury identity project was highly inclusive. We spoke with hundreds of faculty, students, staff and alumni in Middlebury and Monterey in the course of developing the system. We also want to hear from you. If you have comments or questions about the new system, please use this form to forward them to us.

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