Faux Fur And Fur-Free Winter Coats And Accessories That’ll Keep You Warm This Winter

Luxury giant Gucci’s announcement last month to go fur-free in 2018 marks another inspiring step towards cruelty-free and conscientious fashion practices. While fur is traditionally considered a common option for warmth in cold weather, numerous brands are making the choice to offer synthetic weatherproof fabrics and faux fur details to satisfy the demand for the


Hollywood Hamilton Clothing has announced that they would be releasing their latest anticipated jackets, the ‘Hyper’ Parka exclusively via the Kickstarter platform for a 30-day campaign. Their latest campaign marks their second apparel release with Kickstarter. The ‘Hyper’ Parka which will hit retailers with a price of $250, will be sold during their exlcusive Kickstarter


On the hunt for the warmest, most durable winter jacket? We’ve got you covered. The snow has arrived, and you’ll need the right gear to stay warm this year. A winter coat may be the most important (and expensive) apparel purchase you make this season. But it can make the difference between shivering uncontrollably and