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He devoted himself to the volunteer activity.

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Picasso is an eminent painter.


Some people had to use false names to get work.

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It's out of our hands.


Gail is apt to lose his temper.

Next to Taro, Jiro is the tallest boy.

She was over thirty when her artistic talent emerged.

Aaron wears strange clothes; people often laugh at the way he dresses.

I can't give you that.


I'm fed up with it!

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Let's get in the house.

I owe you a breakfast.

I need to get off this ship.

I didn't have the heart to eat the cake she made me.

The doctor seemed concerned.

Christina's father died from overwork five years ago.

Nobody likes that.

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Don't treat me like a criminal, because I'm innocent.

Eugenie was sublime, she was a woman.

Don't ever mention this in front of Wolfgang.

If I should die, please offer my heart to someone who needs it.

This is the bottom line.

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It's just an exception.

Let's do something crazy.

I've been there.


I have another meeting scheduled.

I went to bed late in the night.

The tears of the past fertilize the future.

Damone resisted the impulse to kiss Helen.

Her face was enlightened by happiness.


Let's go skating now.

Whoops, I shouldn't have said that; it simply slipped out.

Michel's working on a autobiography of his life and times.

His dream has realized.

I know I did a horrible thing.


You can drink whatever you want.


Evelyn works there.


Does she have a mother?

No one will ever forget him.

Nora still looks tired.

When will you give me back the money you borrowed from me a year ago?

She's cooking now.

I cannot, however, agree to your opinion.

Why are you insulting me?

Stanislaw asked her if she was Dave Jackson.

Don't depend on your parents too much.


What on earth do you think you're doing?

"That's right. At the least I wish they'd add one to the first floor as well ... Wait a mo! Why are you here!?" "'Why' is obvious isn't it? It's so we can go to the toilet together."

Duane's dream is to live in a small town in the south of France.


Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.

Connie has a bike.

Stop acting like a victim.

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Jorge was carrying a leather briefcase.

The stadium is being evacuated.

Are you responsible for this?

It wasn't a hard decision.

I am eating an apple.

I won't go to tonight's party if Jimmy is going to be there.

Nikolai likes to push the limits.

I forgot how sensitive Hy is.

We have to be at work by nine.

He sometimes visits me.

His parents bought him something nice.

She left the room with her brother.

How dangerous are they?

He shouted at the top of his voice, "This is a battle we cannot lose."

It'll be ready soon.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the eight members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

Paulina has a pink hat.

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Lonhyn found that book difficult to read.


Couldn't we talk this over?

As you know, that didn't happen.

How can Tatoeba help you in translation?

The content of his speech was interesting.

He was flying down the road.

I've been told Cyrus is still in Boston.

I thought what Narendra said was very inappropriate.

Can we go to the shops for sweets, please?

They went to Spain to study in the university.

Sorry, but Wolf's right.

Were you mean to her?

It only takes a little to make you feel at home.

I have to wear earplugs to drown out all the noise from the construction site next door.


She works for a bank.

Don't leave the key in the lock.

Oscar is 3 years older than Carolyn.


He went to Italy ten years ago and has lived there ever since.

Is there any mail for me?

I've always been very proud of that.

Sergei feels well now.

I can't believe you're not as excited as I am.

How does that sound to you?

What's he on about?

The detective was accused of planting evidence at the scene of the crime.

Joachim is a very lazy person.


He had fled the theater after the murder.

All the exams are now behind us.

My boyfriend is stupid.

Nguyen has never been able to beat me at tennis.

Lawrence was beginning to sweat profusely.

It sounds like he's going to Kashgar.

Step back, Satan!

Ed picked up a package of crackers.

He is least likely to come.


Why don't I show you?

If you have a problem, talk to Trying.

I didn't understand this joke.

I must remember to post the letter.

I'll be taking a vacation next month.

When it rains, I get depressed.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.


Someone's talking.

I'm breaking up with my girlfriend tonight.

I'm pretty sure that Lou hasn't seen this yet.

Where did they take him?

I threw a ball to my dog and he caught it in his mouth.

I decided to tell him the truth.

She denied having taken part in the scheme.

Dressed in a loud and peculiar outfit, she stood out in the crowd.

No, until now she has never fallen in love.

We lost our dog.

Kathleen became too ill to manage the store.


Bush doesn't approve the use of torture.


Breathing is forbidden here.

Come and see me once in a while.

It is not till we lose our health that we realize its true value.

Keep her safe.

I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.

Why aren't there any lights?

It seems like years since Sunday morning.


Justin doesn't really care what Bucky does.

Ronald dug a hole.

She works as an office lady.


Are the Niagara Falls far from your town?


A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.


I want to come here next winter again.

He's a rebel.

I had to help with the housework.

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I was about to leave my house when she rang me up.

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

One hour of thoughtlessness can cause years of tears.

There is no telling what may happen next year.

He asked me if he could kiss me.


We're the same size.


I was fascinated with him.

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I know it's against the law to do what we just did.

All of us hope that Jacob will be there.

Thomas is in the army.

Another possibility occurred to Mott.

Many trees were cut down.

Nobody must know.

The remains of human cities dot the Earth.


Susan has been teaching creative writing for the past three years.

This is a menu.

Trousers of today sit much lower on the waist than they did centuries ago.

What's the minimum salary in Luxembourg?

Did you make that up, Clare?

They admired the fine view from the hill.

Anatoly is picking flowers.


Let me put it another way.

I think Jeffery is rude.

The horse took fright and bolted.

Are you in a band?

That's why we came here.