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There is no going out in this weather.

Here are two pencils: one is hard, and the other soft.

You've got to walk before you can run.

I still can't believe Moe hates Derek.

Good afternoon. You are our new neighbor, if I'm not mistaken?

There is a time for everything.

The antelope in an African mammal.

I couldn't get a definite answer from him.

These are questions that matter.


It's not blood.

He looks like his brother.

The stone is perfectly smooth.


How many taxis are there in New York City?

They abandoned their country.

Can you slow down a little?

You did have fun, didn't you?

The boy who is swimming is my younger brother.

I'm greedy.

Her hair and the way she holds her head remind me of Maria.

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If anyone thinks differently, they surely do have a problem.

His car turned over several times before falling into the river.

At least I tried to do something.

The soldiers could see him now.

Do you remember how we met?


You fought back.

Dalton needs some assistance.

Nauru is called "Naoero" in Nauruan.

The shirts are dry.

How can you tell good English from bad English?


I guess Scott really loves me.


There are flowers in the houses.

Don't you want to talk to me?

I'm not an invalid.


I'll thank you to leave now.


I bet I can do it.

The burglar pointed his gun at the victim.

Who should I meet but Johan?

Bradford can't read without glasses.

Alastair has been stealing from us.


When I am queen, I will lock up Sheila in the dungeon.


I hope this has been helpful.

Did Gary get away?

Those who dig a grave for others will fall therein.

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How does that help us?

I used to admire Norma.

I play the guitar in my spare time.

The garden was destroyed after the rain.

Is Kumi playing tennis?

How many meters are there in a kilometer?

This is how I cook fish.

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This bread is gluten-free.

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Are you sure Dan won't be angry?

She's so young.

I really like my teammates.


I saw Lonhyn before he saw me.

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I know how to make you talk.

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Rodger asked Kolkka out on a date, but she said no. A year later they were married.


I thought Kiki was supposed to be here by now.

I'm glad you finally figured it out.

The dance had already started when I got there.

The film made us laugh, but it was not really exciting to watch.

Lievaart used crutches to get around.

I don't want to tell my parents.

Isn't that what you just said?

Let's be honest!

You could have said something.

How do I get from the airport to the downtown Hyatt hotel, for example?

I'm shopping for a new computer.


The way of speaking identified the various social classes.


It was necessary to set the fuse.

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Even she doesn't understand me.


They're all in cahoots.

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He sank under the weight of age.

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That's not what we want.

We collect stamps from all around the world.

When was the box opened?

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How can I lose weight safely?

I'll give you a lift if you like.

He got up late and was late for school.

This is usually unnecessary.

Americans call football soccer.

Jesse has decided to leave tomorrow.

They fought the measures in the courts.

Are you waiting for her?

He didn't even know our names.


She is busy at present and can't speak to you.

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I take solace in her words.


Cliff seems perplexed.

Please clean this place up.

She went from London to Paris.

Please call me Joe.

The job will take only five days, if we cut corners.

Who is buying what?

Bert was just unlucky.


What did you tell him first?

Is that what you want me to tell Anthony?

You don't look very busy.

May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.

Tell me something about yourself.

Mosur was the first paramedic on the scene of the accident.

You'd feel the same way.

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I don't hate my brother.

Always have your dictionary near at hand.

The movie is far worse than the book.


A dog is faithful.

Yes, of course.

They've done the right thing.

She never said anything about this.

You said not to worry about it.

You really sleep a lot!

Company matters should stay within the company.

Don't worry. I won't hurt her.

I have enjoyed myself to the full.

Kelvin wants something else.

Did you just hit him?

We'll go jogging in the park.

That was wrong, of course.

Why didn't she come yesterday?

He has acted wisely.


School starts in September in Europe.


I couldn't stop staring at her.

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Hughes was hiding behind a bush.

Her skin was almost translucent.

My dad is complaining; he's been constantly busy since last week.

I'm a child.

His novel had a great vogue for a long time.


I left my key in my room.

Murthy causes me a lot of extra work.

Did you recognize that man's voice?

She managed to elude the embarrassing situation that she found herself in.

A guest should not try to make himself superior to the host.


I don't want him to go to jail.

I didn't want to spend any more time alone.

Giovanni thinks Harvey is a genius.

Andre demanded her money back.

To my mind, it was his mistake.

The water turned into ice.

Can you excuse me, please?

He arse licks his boss

I can tell you love Eileen very much.

I'm looking for my watch.

I said "Stop!"


I'd do it myself if I knew how.


Put your weapons on the ground!

Subra is an amazing basketball player.

The report turned out false.

You have to register before putting your purchase through.

Tell me the reason you didn't come yesterday.

The man is chasing the woman.

There seems to be a problem.

Phiroze wasn't able to find a babysitter on such short notice.

Is hitchhiking prohibited in Australia?

He is only a child.

Where are Bucky and Grant?

We don't have any privacy.

There were no slaves in the West.


They all stood up at the same time.

It depends on the situation.

Dan was blessed with two adorable daughters.


I'm here because I have to be here.