Before we welcome the beautiful tomorrow, every rich men will ensure they have sufficient rest!

No circumstance, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit.

You've only got thirty seconds to explain yourself.

I want to live in Boston.

I shot the horse because it had bad breath.

A sea of words, but only a drop of sense.

A revolution has occurred in technology.

What does she think of the situation in Paris?

I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week.

Our world changes as fast as never before. Every week we get further from the plain living of our ancestors.


Vassos could hear Duke singing in the shower.

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The youngest siblings are in general the most beautiful ones.

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Don't view opinions and facts as the same thing.

He climbed to the peak of the mountain.

What time is it?

Clark is near the newsstand.

I don't trust you completely.

He's not lucky in love.

Watanabe is my family name.

I think we're about ready.

I'm keeping a record of basal body temperature.

Stay as long as you'd like.

It's hard, isn't it?


Tatoeba needs more test sentences.

I'd like some motion sickness medicine for children.

This flower smells nice.

This pork is a bit off.

We'll be up late tonight.

Your money is like a ghost, living in a centralized computer.

It was very kind of you to make dishes while I was down.


Clem was a perfect gentleman.

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I don't think Stan is going to want to do that.

Sanjeev respects you.

How to arouse a woman's desire?

Life is expensive.

There is an apartment house near my house.

But why doesn't she shut up?

I can't agree with you with regard to the new plan.

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Why didn't you buy that?

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Bobbie never did anything Brenda had to forgive him for.


Send her over.

I'll help you to understand.

Do we know you?

Dawn doesn't want Dewey to go.

January is the first month of the year.


That box is too small to put all of this in.

The division of Germany was considered an accomplished fact until 1990.

He overlooked my mistake.

Inspector Vladislav Jackson questioned Al for hours.

The population of Wellington is only about one fortieth that of Tokyo.

If I were to tell you the whole truth, you would be amazed.

I'd like to be a dentist in the future.


I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

Do I have to say everything twice?

You have nothing to be sorry about.

Her job is to take care of babies.

The telephone rang a few minutes later.


She would do anything for you.

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Take the world as it is, not as it ought to be.

We must try.

Why don't you look in on Mr Anderson on your way back?

Where should we eat tonight?

Connecting a PC to the internet is not rocket science.

They need a cab.

Look, I can't explain it.

We let the bird fly.

He was evidently surprised when he came across me.


The Democratic Party needs major reform.

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My schedule is pretty crazy.

I don't remember talking to Metin.

I was about to go out, when the telephone rang.

Carter started running towards the house.

Danielle was right next to me the whole time.

You are not logged in.

But that's not likely at all.

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The horse jumped the gate.


The net gravitational field at any point on the surface of the earth is the sum of the gravitational fields of all the masses in the universe; hence it displays diurnal and seasonal variations and variations with the phases of the moon and Jupiter; and those variations vary with latitude: if you live far from the poles, you weigh more at night.


You're not the only one who has had problems with Ti.

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Nicolo looked into the cellar.

Do you know where he could have hidden his money?

Pay off your credit cards every month.

The truck nearly ran me over.

Let's have some watermelon.


You're just so superficial and shallow.

The New Tokyo International Airport was opened in Narita.

They chopped off the chicken's head.

I thought Reinhard was different.

Can you give me your full name, please?

I've got quite a lot of hats.

Had he been there, he would have told you to mind your manners.


What are you going to do for summer vacation?


Wait here till he comes back.

Aaron arrived home to find that Dale had packed her things and left.

Eugene wants to go, too.

Donate blood.

Is it true that you cleaned the house by yourself?

You get to see the wood only when it becomes too difficult to distinguish individual trees.

Helen is more pretty than beautiful.


Victor is eager to speak to you.

I think that it likely that there was a major fault in the lookout.

Sigurd didn't mean to say what he said.

We should celebrate together.

She got lunch ready.

At what time did the show finish?

I recommend that restaurant.

If you want, you can easily do it.

The students could not give an answer.

He is wiser and more careful than Bob.

I felt disturbed at the sad news.

I assume that at some point Klaus will just give up.

I've got two tickets for the concert. Would you like to come with me?

Why don't you quit what you're doing and come out for a walk?

They didn't come in spite of my orders.

A dream... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit.

I found, to my surprise, that she was dead.

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I'm pleased you're here.

You made me proud.

Can Kory do it?

Carter lives alone with his parents.

What is it that you want?

Do you want a dinosaur to eat?

I'm not sure that I should trust you.

This house is too small to live in.

I think you know what to do.

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His last movie was very successful.

I cannot, however, neglect his warning.

We're right.

Mayuko was reading and Meg was painting.

Kids like to play.

You're all I can think about.

He often tells us we must help one another.


My unhappiness probably is because I very much like to be alone.

See Naples and then die.

All of the children had to go to bed before dark.

Is it always like this?

That sounds okay.


The liveliness of the gathering surprised me.

The meeting will have broken up by the time we arrive.

In the 1960s, folk music was very popular.


The dress rehearsal took a long time because of problems with the lights.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

When I was young, I was living from hand to mouth.

"You're lucky! Your change comes to exactly 256 yen." "What do you mean by exactly?" "It's exactly two to the power of eight."

Service is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, this apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

Ahmet prefers to take a shower in the morning while Lila prefers to take a bath just before going to bed.

They are now widely used for communication, calculation, and other activities.

This is all still new to me.

Yoko bought some of them.

How do I know this isn't another one of your tricks?

Elwood pointed out several grammar mistakes on Paola's essay.

I've got to get them to help.

I want a map of Texas on a scale of 1 to 250000.

Ian is in good position.

Thanks for taking them fishing.

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A is the first letter of the alphabet.

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You didn't know Ann was gay?

She glanced shyly at the young man.

She has a heart of gold.

When he first heard her lovely voice over the phone, he fell head over heels for her.

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

Don't think this is over.

I have an apology to make.


She went for a walk.

His job is driving a sight-seeing bus.

By mistake I boarded a train going in the opposite direction.

The party was awfully boring.

She borrowed a saw from the farmer.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me.

They will help the poor.