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The first option is a working office blouse of white or any other basic color. Rather, it’s not even a blouse, but a shirt, it must necessarily be of high quality. As for the fabric, it is better to choose polyester, silk, jersey or cotton. Forget the drawings, the office shirt should be solid. It can easily replace your favorite sweaters and sweaters. Combine the shirt with trousers and skirts of different cuts. With a few accessories, you can look different every day. The shirt can be worn both in summer and in winter, putting on a sweater under it.

Woman wearing striped blouse walking street and smiling, Costa Mesa, California

Well, a third, fashion blouse or shirt should be purchased in case you really like this piece of clothes, because every fashionable season there is something new. Although I can say unequivocally, even if you like sports style, and not classics or romance, you can find a suitable model. More than one season at the peak of popularity are shirt in the cage, as well as denim shirts. Very cool, such models look combined with leather trousers or skirts.


The second option, no less important. A smart blouse must also be present in your closet. Even if you wear only jeans, you can easily beat them and create a wonderful festive image, in which it will not be a shame to appear both on the corporate and at the wedding of a friend, unless, of course, you are invited as a friend. Add a massive decoration around your neck, unbutton a pair of upper buttons – and now you are ready to have a casual outfit. If you talk about style, color, texture, everything depends on your taste preferences.

Women’s blouse is, perhaps, the most versatile object of the wardrobe. In our life it exists so long ago that it is unlikely that someday it will go out of fashion. Exceptional flexibility and practicality of clothes allow creating multiple sets for different occasions. For this reason, the shirt is considered the basic element of various stylistic directions. In fashion, there are all kinds of options for cutting items that take into account all types of female figures. A loose blouse is a good example of clothes for girls who appreciate simplicity and elegance.

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As for the fasteners, they are open or on the plate, for the entire length of the product or only up to half. A short fastener may be located behind or in the shoulder seam. There are also tselokorenye models with a wide neck, which is worn over the head. For sewing loose blouses use a variety of fabrics. The best direct silhouette is emphasized by a soft, flowing or draped canvas. Free summer blouses are perfectly made from natural silk, chiffon, flax. Models of knitwear, velveteen, denim, fine wool are well suited for cold weather .. Thanks to a direct cut, loose clothing hangs freely from the shoulders, completely hiding the figure. On the one hand, this is not bad for those who have imperfect proportions. On the other – too great a risk to become similar to the famous animation star sponge Bob.

Fashion for white shirts of men’s cut was introduced by Marlene Dietrich, known for her androgynous sex. It was she who discovered that the contrast between the soft lines of the female body and the severity of the male white shirt emphasizes female sexuality as nothing else. Over time, the white men’s shirt evolved into a different kind of women’s wardrobe – soft silk blouses, linen shirts, shirt with a collar-stand and with a turndown collar, fitted office shirts, shirts, etc. Today, a white shirt blouse is an indispensable basic thing for the wardrobe, which can be worn in a variety of combinations, from business to chic evening. Yes, yes, we all are not resting Julia Roberts in the shirt of Richard Gere, put on the shirt of his man and in this form to cook his breakfast – is not it wonderful? Fine, but only if before going out of the house you still disguise yourself in something of your own size.

Usually our men are bigger than us – they have thicker necks, wider chest and back, so in their shirts we are drowning. And most often men’s shirts have tight collars, in which our necks look like chicken. But for all that, men’s shirts are distinguished by a straight cut that looks beautiful on our fragile or rounded figures, so to have at least one in the wardrobe is worth, but this one needs to be properly chosen. There are three rules: We need a soft collar – if the shirt has a hard collar, you will look like a Soviet school principal from the 50’s; in some men’s shirts, the collar is strengthened with plastic inserts, it is better not to take them; it is better to take 100% cotton, the fabric should be soft and well-laid.

The shirt should be sewn to your height and size, and this is the hardest part of the quest. That is, you need to either look for men’s cut in the women’s brands, or, to be absolutely authentic, go behind the shirt in the men’s department and look for the right size. Do not believe me: there are small men of low stature, and most of them wear shopping shirts, and do not sew them to order or at home at home on their own, so finding a suitable shirt in the men’s department is absolutely real. Since the growth of 160cm you can safely look for shirts in men’s stores, with a high probability they are there. A man’s shirt is not strongly your size / height will always look at you at least at home intimate, or even simply ridiculous.