The couple posed for the photograph.

Making you happy makes me happy.

I don't know why you just don't leave.

You guys are always so busy.

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He not only has a job but does the housework.

Lynnette knows I borrowed the money from Jock.

Because of the bad weather, the plane's departure was delayed by two hours.


Pedestrians carry a high risk in traffic.

The next morning, Dima got out of the dumpster, but only to realize that all of his clothes now smelled like garbage.

Ning ought to stay in Boston for a while.

No, the sky won't fall on our heads.

He capitalized on every opportunity to learn from the great scholar.


What did you do to each other?

Keep an eye on my bag while I buy a ticket.

That happens to be wrong.

Kee saved your life.

We don't want to cause a panic.

She has a double chin.

I thought Svante needed help.

Let me inspect it.

I am still clumsy catching batons thrown high up.

Why are you short with me?

Do you want fish?

I felt bad afterwards.

I don't know what we will do.

The sky looks angry.

What are you going to do with this car?

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The town hall was built between 1895 and 1897.

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I already think you're crazy.


Which do you like better, sushi or tempura?

Do you want to come with us?

My sister told her to leave me alone.


If I were to be reborn, I would like to be a bird.

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It's a detail.

I know nothing except that she left last week.

I was so humiliated.


Mosur is good at playing tennis.


I made a bet that she would win the game.

I asked her if he liked Chinese food.

My father stood guarantee for my debts.


I'm trying to lose weight.

Can anybody tell me where Ed went?

He's Heinrich's chauffeur.


Are you going to kiss Roland?


He got full marks in English.

I came to see Dr. King last year.

You can't be thirty years old.

My father works hard because he wants to give us everything we need.

Do you have any idea who did this?


I'm not stopping.

I remember now.

Chandra means "moon" in Sanskrit.

The children have been instructed to take their places.

If you were to be given a million yen, what would you do with it?

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That was a big accomplishment.

We've seen drastic changes since then.

I owe him a debt.

Hamlet is very much a man who can't make up his mind.

I guessed.

I'll do whatever I can to help out.

And she'll never walk down Lime Street anymore.

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The letter Lorraine received said that he should return home as soon as possible.

I'd like to cancel tomorrow's meeting.

At home, he always read lying down.

I love to eat french fries with fish.

Mars was the safest bet for human colonization.


Maybe I should ask Ima.

I intend to do more than this.

Everyone's going.

See you tomorrow in church!

The goods are exempt from taxes.

You were supposed to be helping Carter, you know.

Floyd bent down and touched his toes.

Eat this right away before it gets cold.

Don't point your gun at me.

Mister Petro and his wife love my children a lot; I love theirs a lot, too.

Saiid, please just shut up.

I'll come at noon to pick you up.

The house is empty.

I want to strain your nerves.

Randy never mentioned you.

Duane poured brandy into the glasses.

I'm glad you're home.

We could ask Renu not to go.

Clark is sick.

Novo showed Sigurd a photograph of his father.

At the funeral, the widow looked very dignified, with her black suit, hat and gloves.

You'd have to ask her.

She, covered only with a handtowel, came from the shower.

He is much more of a golf enthusiast than I am.

What are you studying this semester?

I thought it was a lot of fun.

Pontus does like you. I'm sure of it.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

The convicts had their feet chained up, so that no one escapes.

I want to eat something that I can only eat here.

I kind of like this place.

What were Elvis and Trent doing?

They insisted on my making use of this opportunity.

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Did you do this for me?

Hawaii, y'know, has a lot of houses with fireplaces, doesn't it? The mornings and evenings over there get cold as well, so people who feel the cold light fires.

Is it still up in the attic?


The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.


Next time lucky.

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It's too bad that you are leaving here.

I outsmarted her.

Do you think it's dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

That's a matter of prime importance.

I think that's what's happening.


An adventurous sort, Lester downed the whole bottle of habu sake in one show-stopping chug. Only the snake was left, securing Lester as an Okinawan national treasure.


You don't look that good.

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There is nothing going on between Daniele and me.


Maria hasn't revised her lessons yet.


Brenda has some time, but probably not a lot.

When are you coming back?

I want to be the best.

This tie matches your suit.

Amigo took Donald for every cent he had.

I'm sure Nancy is bored.

Would you give me a hand?

Why does Margot have to go?

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Even if I came, what good would it do?

I'm in the caboose.

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Wolf is rather conservative, isn't he?


I don't get much mail.

Kamiya made a false statement to the police.

I will quote you a passage from one of those letters.


Actually, we don't have a choice.

We saw a little light in the distance.

The sentence has no grammatical errors.


Don't worry. Everything'll be fine.


Murder is punishable by death.

No ensemble can convey a composer's intent more forcefully than an orchestra.

Leila is a little angry at Kayvan.

Bruno chewed on her nails.

You will do what is required of you.

I think Clifford said that.

It took only a 1000 yen to convince him.

Cary could tell you.

That isn't true, is it?

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I change my password almost every day.


My boss gave me so much work that I couldn't leave the office.

I wonder how Kenn is taking it.

She's a weirdo.


You're out of uniform.


After a moment, Kris joined him.

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This is an error common among Japanese students.


My dad doesn't like soccer.

Her means are small.

Olivier should thank Ranjit.


I like Norwegian Swedish jokes.

Kate left this place for good.

He was beside himself with joy.


She didn't even know our names.

Jose's first car was a Toyota.

Knock on the door of happiness.

Aimee finally found a job.

When his daughter was born, he had already been living in Nagano for seven years.