What was it that caused you to change your mind?

We know that he was playing like cat and mouse.

People in England are straight up mean to us. We're Americans.

We had a very nice Christmas with Venkata and his family.

I was planning on it.

I've never done harm to anyone.

As much as I like you, I think you can be a total jerk at times.

How did you get that?

Let's end this.

You can't force me to testify against Karl.

He expected the boy to be the staff of his old age.

Natraj told Jess to wear what she wanted to wear.


I don't know where your bicycle is.

There was a cool wind.

We were extremely lucky.

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It's useless if you don't do it with rhythm!

This kind of work wears me out.

Cecilia won't be back till dinner time.


I can not afford to keep a car.

I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two hours.

Denis begged Tanya to come home.

Fatigue follows a flight to Europe.

I couldn't sleep well because it was noisy outside.

He grew old.

Are you ready to go home?


But she had not expected to cross an ocean, enter a new and romantic-sounding country, and find herself in exactly the same position.


Sandra hopped on his motorcycle.

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They've been teasing Anna about his accent.

East Timor is called "Timor Lorosa'e" in Tetum.

People were moving faster and faster.

I cannot help smiling at babies.

"Did it help?" "A little."

Are you sure nobody's hurt?

Each movement of the dancer was perfect.


I have an urgent matter to attend to.

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I think that's Louie over there.

Stanislaw is very incompetent.

I think Shyam is going to confess.

I thought Phill would go on a road trip.

He climbs trees easily.

Donovan seemed surprised by this.

Paula is leaving for three months.

Tim loves to bully younger students.

I think that Clyde is an honest man.


You're amazingly beautiful as a couple.

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As I was taking leave of my friend, he said he would be glad to see me again before long.

And who asked for your opinion?

You told me Leith was sick in bed. Why is he here?

I was just remembering.

Tell us a random travel experience you had that you weren't expecting but loved.


Betsy is an exceptional basketball player.


You were only gone an hour.

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How different is Mitchell?

She turned over the page with excitement.

I'm here to take Ray home.


A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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The car continued to accelerate.


Everything pointed to this answer.

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When do you leave for school?


The pollster had nothing to eat.

Everybody is hoarding their cash.

If Lola doesn't say "yes" clearly, you'd better take it as a "no".

Tell them to stop.

I propose something should be done.


She gave birth to twin girls.

I can assure you everything is under control.

I like knowing how things work.

Jean learned how to swim when he was three.

I'm drinking water because I'm thirsty.

I am an idiot! Kill me somebody!

I think he is a good driver.


Luc is used to waiting.


Julian taught French for thirty years.


Don't answer me back.

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We should get back home.

I'm not afraid to die.

Morgan is a monk.


Klaudia is pooped.

We should give Hal a raise.

It's stupid.


The soldiers were guarding the bridge.

It was probably not true.

Wes, I feel very alone tonight.

What are all those lights for?

I had a good teacher.

I went out with Mitchell.

She got to the other side in 10 minutes.

Dustin won't let you in his house.

I wanted to be just like her.

Yesterday, Johnny gave me a book with a blue cover.

There was once an old castle, that stood in the middle of a deep gloomy wood, and in the castle lived an old fairy.

We were pretty good.

Luis is excited.

Dawn's feet are really big.

They should know it.

So that through him all man might believe.

He failed in the attempt to sail across the Pacific Ocean.

I owe him at least 50,000 yen.

Did you ever work with them?


Evelyn and Myron are both from Boston.


Mathematics occupied her mind.


The school was ranked tenth out of three hundred high schools statewide.


Is that your own hair?

Bryan was delighted by the idea.

We will be in trouble.

You don't have to help me.

When was the last time I visited you?

Please give me one.

He was paralyzed in the face of danger.

Is the dining room open now?

I went to a big dinner party last night.

He smiles every time I see him.

The man was a complete stranger to her. She had never seen him before.

You weren't here then.

That was stupid.


When you get on the highway, shift into fifth gear.


Marla doesn't need to do that now.

We are trapped in an alternative reality.

Guess how tall I am.

Bobbie, by accident, set the curtain on fire.

I've found it.

Israel drove me home.

Dating can be very stressful.

I married a Canadian.

Emily left school at sixteen.

Food tastes better when it is wrapped in the flag of the European Union.

He killed himself at the age of thirty.

You can't resign now.

Dewey fell ill and within a month he was dead.

Take the clothes and go wash them.

I've been all over town looking for Chuck.

There was moonlight yesterday evening.

I'm at your disposal.

We should hold some of food in reserve.

She was looking forward to going to a movie with him.


He did that for his sister.

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This book contains a lot of photos.


I will give him another chance.

I've got a busy schedule.

Sit back down. We're not leaving yet.


Pascal never told me and I never asked.

She speaks too much.

Tusnelda was Arminio's wife.


We had never met each other.

Come here after you have washed your hands.

Do I look like a sucker?

I have the same question.

We should get together every couple of months.

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Your opponents are an illusion. There are no distinct entities of "us" versus "them."

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Go and ask them.

All the villagers in turn saluted the priest.

I'm Pete by the way and this is Irwin.


We were ignorant that the store was closed on Thursdays.


Didn't anyone question you?

I suspect him to be a liar.

Rayan was the only one in the nightclub who wasn't drinking.

You were awfully quiet.

Ramesh didn't want to bother June.

They seem busy.

Dinner is probably ready, so we had better hurry home.