Innovation for the Future

Sustainable Innovation Lab (SILAB) is a consultancy focused on ‘innovation for sustainability’. The Lab is a group of experienced professionals that have particular expertise in business sustainability, climate change and cleantech issues. Solid experience has been built in electronics, building and construction sectors in Europe, Asia and North America. Key strengths are the team’s multi-disciplinary skills, longstanding experience, international know-how and access to global networks.

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Innovation for the future.  Creating innovative sustainable products, technologies and businesses

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Leading-edge: participation and contribution to key global networks

Track record: involvement in business sustainability issues since the 1980s

Knowledge: product sustainability know-how from policy to practice

International: experience of working in Europe, South-East Asia and North America

Creativity: new perspectives and ideas

Multi-disciplinary: completed a wide variety of projects

Delivery: focus on solutions

Project management: managing complex international assignments


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