Jim doesn't like apples, does he?

Alison pressed his ear against the wall to see if he could hear what his parents were discussing in the next room.

I wonder why he did that.

I should've seen that coming.

Herb isn't the only one here that can swim.

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I wrote it for them.

The cancer needed to be removed immediately.

Why did you have to hide from us?

Bear in mind that Father is not as strong as he used to be.

Jeff wanted to impress her friends.


We must leave here at once.

She is obviously offended.

Which car is ours?

Let's go sit in the car until the rain stops.

Everyone knows about them.


The mother was practically worn out.

Marshall speaks Spanish, and so does Betty.

You should've told Leads your name was Suyog.


Trust me, I'm an engineer!

We're developing an Android application at the moment.

I never did anything to her.

Esperanto indeed is not difficult.

The accident destroyed all his hopes for success.


On account of the storm, he didn't arrive.

There's no right or wrong way to grieve.

How much rent do you pay?

Samuel helped me write this essay.

Mother always cries when she listens to sad songs.


What I want is a divorce.

I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a little while longer.

First, I'm going to do an outline of my new website.

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That's a delicious-looking fish.

Isn't that obvious?

The crowd got out of control and broke through the fence.


You need help, don't you?

We've always been told to do what's best for us.

Jayant sent a telegram to Susan.

I don't wanna go in the pool.

I like to study English.

I think we could've done more.

I've never had this kind of problem at work.


I prepared for you a surprise.


Raif has to come.

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This is nice, isn't it?

I can attest to everything she just said.

We shouldn't stand in Jeannette's way.


Hughes has been arrested again.

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She deserved it.


How many people die from automobile accidents each year?

He can hear the grass growing.

What did you and Clayton talk about this morning?

You can see me in the morning.

He was completely absorbed in his book.

That's not Klingon, that's Greenlandic.

Fight like men.


Everyone may go home.

There is a wise American saying: Never waste a crisis. And the current financial and economic crisis affords us a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been going and where it leads.

We took lots of pictures.

What exactly are your symptoms?

I'll pick up the photographs at six o'clock.


My mother finally came home.

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She wants a divorce.

Resolving a differential equation means finding the functions that satisfies it.

What are we supposed to do here?


I got a B in arithmetic.


Ask me anything hard today.

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It cannot plausibly be argued that behaviour of such complexity derives entirely from instinct.


Please inform me of the plan ahead of time.

One of the coat's sleeves is shorter than the other.

I have everything I've ever wanted.

I need you to leave.

He is sure of success in the end.

It's not subjective.

It was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen in his life.

The more I hear, the more interesting it becomes.

Can I ask what happened?

Thus he succeeded.

One theory held that a meteor killed the age of dinosaurs.

A mother is responsible for the conduct of her children.

It was really neat.

Do you support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Vincenzo's name was at the top of the list.

We shouldn't accept his explanation at face value.

I'm afraid she can't answer.

I bet Amy doesn't even know Heather.

How did you wind up here?

An up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia will come out next month.

Don't give me any ideas.


Whisper in my ear, Lukas.

Russell isn't very courageous, is he?

They live on the other side of the road.


Reid is her brother.

Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

Brandon hesitated.

That boy is completely crazy. He doesn't follow any of the rules.

Francisco could use some sleep.

The boy stayed quiet.

The suit materials of this sort will not stand up well.

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The people sought truth in every nook and cranny, and it was there between them that the truth was crushed.

The picture hangs over the table.

The palace has a tall tower.


Good afternoon, everyone.

That's no fun.

The rice is tasteless.


I didn't know them at that time.

Don't move, please.

Thierry's kids were in fits of laughter when he was telling them about some of the things he used to get up to as a kid.

He kept insisting that he wasn't wrong.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I'm sorry, but I won't be able to help you.

I had a cat.

I can't run as fast as Terrance.

Eli shared his soup with me.


Something's happened to Sergio.

His speech was an effective apology for the Government's policies.

I know now.


You wouldn't happen to have a knife on you, would you?

He's leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

Show me your badge.


I should've listened to him.

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Theodore went for a morning jog.

The moon was shining brightly.

Did you apologize to her?

Jason didn't tell Randell that he loved her.

I was absorbed in a book and didn't hear you call.

This year is 2011.

That's where our preferences differ.

Truth is not a popularity contest.

Is he still alive?


It'll be a fun weekend.

We've outrun them.

If one day you realised that you are good for nothing, what will you do?


What we need now is something hot to drink.

Throw a tear-gas bomb at him.

William finally caught the chicken.


Is Clarence bluffing?

Despite our efforts, we failed after all.

Do you want me to give Lonhyn something?


Isidore is trying to lose weight.


Since he ran so fast, they couldn't catch up with him.

The sweatsuit doesn't fit me anymore.

Cecilia didn't get what he wished for.

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Marshall has been captured.

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I don't want you to get upset.

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Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.

My instinct was right.

Lonhyn was detained as a suspect.

I'm just a friend.

These aren't words.

You always take the lion's share!

I don't wanna know this.

Izumi married young.

He was absent from school because of illness.

Take your pick.

I'm sick of it.

This is an old device.

I thought there was nobody in the kitchen.

I can't hold it.

They go to movies together.


I may have to fire him.