We missed you at the party.

Which one would you take?


It wasn't clear what she meant.

How many schools are there in your city?

Cristi smiled when he realized Gilles was about to kiss him.

Since you're going to the supermarket, buy some eggs while you're there.

Well really, you are always repeating the same mistake.

Kenneth has always been a model student.

He rejected our offer.

I see the sky.

We met them by accident by the bus terminal.


We're always busy.

I know Siegurd is watching me.

I need you to sign these papers.


I didn't know you then.

I tackled him on the problem.

There is no one but desires peace.

You can't just walk away.

I remember when we used to fight all the time.


This is Doraemon.

I told William, but he didn't believe me.

Terrance is practicing his clarinet.

You've cleaned your feet.

A man must learn during his whole life.


If you want to go to the art gallery, get this bus.

The magic 8 ball is good for when one doesn't know for what he should decide.

You don't need to go.

Maria despises Justin.

Anatole puts his arm around Damone.

We should give Suyog a chance.

My father is, so to speak, a learned fool.


I'm an independent contractor with 14 years' experience.

The snow is great.

Arnold has been taken hostage.

Shyam is going to kill himself.

He had the presumption to reject my proposal.

The problem is worthy of being remembered.

You could say the team lost because of their bad services.

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That never gets old.

I'm a starved spider.

Jagath lives in a small college town.

It was extraordinary that he did not agree.

Just be very careful.

When will you go to school?

Alberto wants it.

Children of six and above should attend school.

Green does not go well with purple.

What state is Boston in?

On the moon I would weigh only fifteen kilos.

I'm a little taller than you.

Can I stay here and watch TV?

I wasn't happy, but it seemed reasonable that his prices should go up like everything else, so I agreed.

Toki Pona simplifies my thoughts.

This is a really nice watch.

Are you sure we can count on Julianto?

I can't deal with this problem anymore.

I know what I did was wrong.


Where do you think I should go?


It quickly healed.

The store is open from nine to six.

Both of the brothers are dead.

Rolf is going to be mad.

I have just been to Ueno station to meet Kenji.

Toufic saw both Clarence and John getting out of their cars.

I don't care which choice you make.


I hear that you are going to the United States.

Green is the color of money.

Are you really serious about going to Boston?


I think you know what needs to be done.


Lindsay's a drunk.

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Just ignore her.

Writing is a deeper sleep than death.

I want to catch the 11:45.

The statistics are in your favor.

Philosophers distinguish between a priori and a posteriori knowledge.

Did you get what you asked for?

The superior gratification derived from the use and contemplation of costly and supposedly beautiful products is, commonly, in great measure a gratification of our sense of costliness masquerading under the name of beauty.

Kent had a new house built last year.

I bought this for my boyfriend.

Why are you asking these questions?

They both laughed again.

They have only enough funds to build the factory.

I'll enjoy this.


He stole money from me.

I, too, am worried about them.

I have some houses.

Jerome doesn't need to pay anything.

What club do you belong to?

I think Magnus is progressing.

Thirteen people were wounded.


The screen is giving off green light.

That movie is based on a book of the same name.

It's already started raining.

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Alejandro hasn't been to Australia.


I am thinking about buying a new parasol.

Aren't you thirsty?

Jayant's name was never mentioned.


I'm leaving, but you don't have to cry.

Please give my best regards to Judy.

Who marries my daughter will become my son-in-law.


Carlo says he wants to buy a new car.

I wish you spoke French.

They kicked Hein out of the bar.

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I was the only one who didn't know.


I'm getting really tired.


You'll have to jack up the car.

I was cool as a cucumber.

I've lost all my money.

I've never won anything in my life.

When Ramiro was a kid, he used to pretend he was playing the drums by tapping his fingers on the kitchen table, to the great irritation of his father.

I thought you'd be in your room.

We're all in terrible danger.


I guess I'm lucky I wasn't hurt.

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My hand is in warm water.

This medicine cured me of my cold.

Both of the means are dangerous.


Angus is quite stubborn.

I need to know where Benson was last night.

If anything should be wrong with my car, I would go by bus.

Men should work.

We're currently in the middle of a civil war.

I need to talk to her first.

Malus scanned the paperwork.

You can come together.

He was sick, so he did not go out.


How does Raanan know?


I've got kids, too.

Computers seem to play the role of the human brain, so they're often called "electric brains".

It was almost noon by the time Allan woke up.

Randolph works for Phillip.

Tiefenthal brought Shel a small gift.

I did it a few times.

Would you lend me a hand, Taro?

What's the objection?

I have never been so humiliated in my entire life.

That's so untrue.

Did you say 30?


If you eat that much, you'll get sick.

The continent is pretty sick of this British whining about anything and everything.

That's junk. Throw it away.

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Our efforts will soon bear fruit.

What led you to believe so?

The Moon is really beautiful tonight.

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The mountainside was ablaze with the autumn colors of the trees.

You must really like dancing.

We couldn't make it happen.

Is that another joke?

I am a writer rather than a teacher.

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Renu and Delbert agreed with us.

I need to speak to you.

Everyone looked relaxed and happy.


Let me hear from you now and again, will you?

The workers demanded that they talk with the owner.

Being very tired, I went to bed early.

He admitted that he wanted to escape from here.

Two girls were hanging on to Manny's arms.

What kind of brain donor do you think Francisco is?

He walked in front of his men.

I know my daughter.

There you go again.

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six hours sharpening the ax.

Also Felicja has blonde straight hair.

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Why does everyone hate me?

Pablo is repairing his car.

I couldn't stand to see you cry.

He robbed the mail coach.

I'd like to find somebody to take care of my children.