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Trust Crypto Mining Logistics for
your Cryptocurrency Production

Let us host your ASIC mining rigs. Our facilities offer a secure and clean environment that meets all the power and cooling requirements of your hardware. And it’s a great value! Because of the volume of power that we draw, we can negotiate the most favorable rates for you.


Crypto Mining Logistics will exceed your expectations with our modular approach to the care of your equipment, making certain that you will have an exceptional mining experience.


Peace of Mind

The safety of your hardware is our highest priority. Your equipment is secure and insured against risks such as fire, electrical surges, and theft.

Your Mining Rigs

Our mines are located throughout the United States and Canada, and we offer solutions that meet your individual needs.

Earn Cryptocurrency

Our experts will have your hardware up and running almost immediately, which means you will be earning cryptocurrency in no time flat!

We will guide you through installation and set-up

We will be right by your side as you select a pool and start understanding the new landscape. Keep in mind; your pool ultimately reflects your vote on the future of the currency!


Crypto Mining Logistics does not take a percentage of the cryptocurrency that your rigs mine. We created our plans on a flat-rate sliding scale that is based solely on the number of mining machines you send us and the type of service you require. You will find that our ASIC miner hosting services are clear-cut, uncomplicated, and built to enhance your profitability.

Join Crypto Mining Logistics

Mining, or providing proof of work, is an essential component of cryptocurrency networks. We provide equipment, set up and configuration, colocation, and maintenance for cryptocurrency ASICs.

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What our clients say...


Crypto Mining Logistics has saved me money and stress. I sleep well knowing my machines are secure and business is operating to the highest industry standards.


The absolute best! The team at Crypto Mining Logistics provides reliable power at a fraction of the DIY power. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about monitoring, setup, or security.


My hashing power is maximized at a fraction of what it cost to do it myself. I couldn’t ask for a better solution.