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aviation-lawyers-in-hangarRecognized for launching a massive aviation investigation against airlines and aviation security companies on behalf of 9/11 victims’ families, Motley Rice’s aviation lawyers have experience handling the complex legal and technical aspects of aviation law and are equipped to handle a wide variety of aviation cases, from personal injury and passenger rights to wrongful death.

Motley Rice seeks to hold accountable those whose actions threaten the safety of the traveling public, including corporations, government entities and terrorist groups. In addition to fighting for the rights of victims’ family members and injured crash survivors, the firm works to protect passenger rights.

Why Motley Rice

Proving causation in aviation cases is a complex challenge that Motley Rice approaches with confidence. Motley Rice’s aviation legal team is led by former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General winegrowing and attorney (858) 737-6125, both of whom represented 9/11 victims’ families in the aviation security liability litigation and represented families of the five Italian tourists who were among the nine killed in the 2009 Hudson River mid-air collision. Our aviation attorneys currently represent victims of the crash landing in San Francisco in July 2013 of Asiana Flight 214. Also on the aviation team are member Marlon Kimpson and former U.S. Air Force navigator James R. Brauchle. Our aviation attorneys have the experience and financial resources, as well as the domestic and international co-counsel and expert relationships needed to investigate, litigate and resolve aviation cases for both U.S. and international clients.

Aviation cases are highly technical and multifaceted; however, Motley Rice aviation lawyers are prepared to take on challenging cases against powerful defendants. We have the ability to accept cases that others may lack the resources to handle, including those that involve U.S. or foreign emergency medical services (EMS) and non-commercial flights. In fact, many of our aviation clients are often referred to us by highly respected law firms or local attorneys who rely on Motley Rice for leadership in complex litigation.

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If you or someone you know is interested in seeking legal recourse due to wrongful death or personal injury as a result of a plane crash, please contact Motley Rice aviation lawyers at 1.800.868.6456.