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Don't let people make you crazy about money, hair and clothes.

Martyn prefers to dye her hair blonde.

I need to check my mail.


Earle asked for a blanket and a pillow.

She sat on the bank.

The phone is out of order.

She's the real racist for saying that.

Shadow went to a private boys' school.

Laurel did what Donal asked him to do.

Do you read Lowell's blog?


Haiku is a poetic form originating in Japan.

I'll tell Antony to call you as soon as he gets in.

He never participates in any reunions.

Give me your wallets.

May be distributed in accordance with the GPL.

Charlie had a blue coat on.

Harris can't make it to the meeting.


The peasants are planting rice.


These projects are part of the regional development program.

I know that he's calling.

Do you know how to decline this word?

I'm going crazy! I miss her so much!

The two companies plan to unite.

How could something like this happen?

Bob is my friend.


Something must be wrong with our car; the engine is giving off smoke.

His long-haired, blond, Teddy Bear hamster was called Jabberwocky.

I don't think Eddie is going to be too much help.

We're having steak tonight.

People are bad; they only think of themselves. I'm the only one who thinks about me.

Thierry got the job.

Don't obey that man.

How soon will Kent get here?

Talk like that will raise suspicion.

I believe that's what you said.

Butler probably knows I like her.

It makes no sense at all.

I belong to a gym.

Aimee has offered no suggestions.

There's a book about dancing on the desk.


The teacher let him go home.

I can't ask him for that.

We can't get him on the phone.

I liked to add sentences in Spanish.

This is a proverb the meaning of which I do not understand.

I hope we can avoid doing that.

Raphael didn't tell me he lived in Boston.

The man watched his wife watch her kids.

I didn't say that.

I thought I'd worry about that later.

What movie do you really want to see?

A big car drew up and a tall lady got out.

May I set the table?

I can't wait until the weekend!

I came because of something you wrote.

So our wedding wasn't good?

You can eat and drink as much as you want.


Granville wrote me from Australia.

Where's this club?

I'm not kidding you. Some people actually believe that the world is only six thousand years old.


I'm busy with the work all the time.

He seems to have been poor when he was young.

Who built this?

Where's Daddy?

Ssi is fluent in French.


He has been telling lies about himself.

Watch out for the pedestrians.

Rik stirred the soup with a spoon.

Where should I go to buy art books and catalogs?

What annoys me is the way he boasts about what he's done.

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Nobody lives with me.

I don't want any beans.

The fire is spreading to the gas tank.

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They wrote letters to each other frequently.

She screamed with terror.

Please behave like an English gentleman.

His curiosity prompted him to ask questions.

I'm not upset, but I'm really disappointed.

"Link!" "'Sup?" "King Harkinian has died." "..." "What did you say, I died?!" "...You died." "You dorkface! I'm here talking to you!" "...No." "What about Ganon?" "He died as well! A-ah!" "You runt! You haven't seen the last of me yet!"

Northern flying squirrels often share nests during the winter.

What happened to my bag?

Although he is elderly, he looks young.


What time is it in Boston now?

You must be more careful about spelling and punctuation.

They went to a resort in the mountains last summer.

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For a guy who was chosen by his father as the only son to be taught the secrets of this martial art, he doesn't have much of a kick.

Allow three weeks for delivery.

The girl I spoke to you about lives in Tokyo.

What is necessary is just to read the book, when free.

They looked at me somehow strangely.

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Rusty said he would lend me some money.

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Terry started packing his backpack.

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Marie, Tracey and Maria are friends.

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Why hasn't Philippe come back yet?


If you decide to work for us, we will pay you twice as much.

Who's talking?

Everyone is staring at Jun.

I don't know how it happened, but it was obviously meant to be.

He is suffering from toothache.


We'll have a great time.

The main diet in Japan is rice.

He is said to still be in Paris.


I was just doing my duty.

Was he in Hokkaido last year?

Call Calvin and tell him that you will be late.


You worry about your weight too much.

This is why I hate him.

Don't sneak out of the concert!

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She had a radio.

It's very strange and weird.

She has been praised everywhere.

Billy called Dale.

I'll take the yellow one.

I remember what you said last night.

You're ducking the issue.

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Micky is still determined.

Where the bloody hell are you?

I started working for this company last year.

When I study, I listen to music with earphones.

I was seen to break the window.

You were so strong.

We have to take him to the hospital immediately; he is seriously injured!

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Why are you really here?


He placed great belief in his assistant.

Let's go to Evan's house right now.

Roy and Alberto are asleep in bed.

This country is founded upon the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity.

I am unthirsty.

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I'm not going to see you again.

Doesn't that make you happy?

Impossible things happen that we can't understand. They're completely unimaginable.

She did the job with ease.

Who gave you my number?


Who's your favorite lyricist?

That was one of the most difficult things I've ever done.

The official languages of the United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

And I'm in Lvov now!

You're on your own.


He attended the meeting for his father.

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The number of students in the class is limited to fifteen.

Just a moment. Let Turkeer finish.

He was prone to anger.

Summer is still a long way away.

America is often referred as a melting pot.


Thanks indeed, handy this!

How do you like the meat?

We're probably safe for the time being.

He felt ill at ease in the new surroundings.

I think I believe Glynn.

God is the author, men are only the players. These grand pieces which are played upon earth have been composed in heaven.

My father was never around.


They're just human.

Louiqa went out to smoke a cigarette.

They're working on it.

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We have a right to know.

I like the sound of that.

He's too trusting.

He devoted himself to the study of English literature.

At the same time that Whittle was working in England, Hans von Ohain was working on a similar design in Germany. The first airplane to successfully use a gas turbine engine was the German Heinkel He 178, in August, 1939. It was the world's first turbojet powered flight.

I think he drove madly and kept having accidents.

Carole still drinks, but not as much as he used to.

Do you have a pen? I have one.

After I had left the house, I realized that the key was still in the house.

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I cook, but I don't enjoy it much.

This really is a dangerous situation.

You'll meet him.