I'm not the only one who wants to go.


The bulbs will need changing soon.

I hate blood tests.

Just make this stop.

He complains about one thing or another all the time.

Give him the gun.

My heart failed me.

Has Po ever kissed you?

I am not being careful.

I dare say he is innocent.

Perhaps Clayton can suggest a solution.

He would have failed in his business but that you helped him.

I never laid a finger on her.

Have you ever visited the office where your father works?

My phone number is 789.

They refer to you as their friends.

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Have you ever seen the man in this photo?


You didn't say a word.

We can do it ourselves.

Manavendra isn't sure what he's supposed to do.

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Show them what you can do! Go for it!

Happy birthday, my beloved friend.

I know it from him.


Where shall we go now?

I graduated from Kyoto University.

People are about sitting on the grass.


She was choked with tears and was unable to speak.

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His relatives began to keep away from him.

Let's give Kyung a little more time.

The explorers ventured inside the caverns.

Svante is adorable.

Answer the question.

Price and I ate together.

No intelligent person drinks and then drives.

Teri has a baseball card collection.

I suggested that she go alone.


Brenda told me he would go to Boston.

I'm so happy that Christmas is here.

Education should be carried further than it is now.


It conflicts with my principles.

He is not available at the moment.

I asked the lawyer to make out my will.

Jaime pushed the door closed.

I didn't for a moment believe them.

The more I think about it, the less I understand it.

Bjorne laughed a little.


She fainted at the sight of a tiger.


Polly could hurt himself if he's not careful.


Stracciatella ice-cream is nothing but a plain ice-cream with chocolate chips.


She is first in line.

I saw him just this morning.

This is the car that Linda was talking about yesterday.

The children were playing in the sunshine.

I still have many friends from the Canary Islands.

I don't think we should buy this.

It's eight-thirty.

This field is full of wheat.

That's how I was brought up.

Lonhyn was feeling sleepy.

A good tree can't bear bad fruits.

It is very kind of you to say so.

Have you ever been in Italy?

Isn't that where I taught you how to water ski?

My sisters would like to come to the party with us.

Stefan's pride won't let him admit he's wrong.

The snow covered the whole city overnight.


Anthony is a ruthless businessman.

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The number of crimes decreased after we established a neighborhood watch.

In some parts of the ocean, krill populations have dropped by over 80 percent.

I think it's time for me to leave now.

First of all, I must say this.

Do you want this or don't you?

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The EC countries have a huge stake in the talks.

This is all I'm taking with me.

I wanted to make several phone calls.

Tell him how you're feeling.

I saw Paula on TV.

We don't really have to talk about this right now, do we?

Who would want to help us?

Don't leave me alone, please.

I thought it difficult to do the work alone.

The crowd was evacuated by the police.

I asked whether she could sew for me.

You're not still afraid of me, are you?

An honest life is pleasing to God.

Chili powder is often used in Indian cooking.

I need to decide what to do.

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I don't know how to help her.

I had to tell Randy that myself.

She looks like a Greek goddess.

Kory is a parasailing instructor.

Laurel doesn't want to fight.

I hope Kristian's wrong.

Please get the clothes in before it rains.

Lowell is in her late twenties.

Michiel says that he wants to be buried here.

The rationale behind certain New Age treatments can be dangerously wrong.

My family is not rich.

Kikki wants to party all the time.

The buildings shook in the earthquake.


It's still a bad idea.


I hate my family.

There is no doubt whatever about it.

He said he was angry, and that he wanted to go home to eat dinner.

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Raphael told me to call the police.

There are not any books under the desk.

Do you have any soft drinks?

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I have to find the key.

Wayne wouldn't do that to me.

This conference attracted 150 diplomats.

I spent months trying to convince the journalist to feature us.

I don't get enough sleep.


When did she say those words?

Let Ssi sleep.

He didn't answer my question.

The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went.

My future is closely bound up with the finances of my firm.


You should take part in that speech contest.


This is the most difficult book I have ever read.

What made it difficult for you to carry out the plan?

What's Japan's longest river?

I'm not much of a drinker.

Walter came to the rescue.

Do we have to have our cat spayed?

It's a waste of time to do that.

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I just saved Kayvan the trouble of going there himself.

The plaque has to be removed.

My mother gets up early in the morning.

I knew your brother.

Rik and Neal seem to be so happy together.

Jack is now either in London or Paris.

Did they do something to her?

The midnight sun is a fantastic natural phenomenon.

Let her replace it.

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Politics was the main topic of their conversation.

We can't burn it.

I regret what happened to you.


She blinked to stop the tears.

This sign says: "Don't feed the animals!"

Why do you allow Matthieu to do this to you?

Were you with them that evening?

The nurse gave her a flu shot.

He knows a lot about animals.

Tarmi may be the best person for the job.


Anxiety about immigration is one of the reasons why Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.

He's successfully caught the big rat in the kitchen.

Doctor, I have memory problems.

Tait didn't know how much he had drunk.

I'll attend the next meeting.

Even though it sounds strange, what she said is true.

My neighbour is annoyed with me because he could not convince me to buy his old car from him.

The question of reinstatement also needs to be clarified.

Please, don't forget to close the door of the meeting room.

Are you happy in your house?

"I discovered a a great website today. It's called the 'Tatoeba project', if you're interested." "If you're talking about 'Tatoeba', I've already known about it and have been making submissions for 10 years!"

You don't seem to be yourself these days.

Many experiments have been carried out in this field.


Agatha says that he can't eat any more.

Not all criminals should go to jail.

The boy took a fancy to the dog.

We hired a car for a week when we were in Italy.

Sanity may have been in Boston with Avery last week.

We dodged a bullet on that one.

The houseboat is in the boathouse.


Who was the book written by?

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She promised herself she would lose three kilos before the summer.

She inclined her head in greeting.

The national debt is growing.