There might've been a mix-up.

Sorry you had to wait.

Jitendra will probably never forget this.

Japanese cameras, cars, and hi-fi equipment are used widely abroad, and few modern industries can manage without advanced electronic equipment developed in Japan.

I admit this isn't an unambiguous answer.

The reason why he came so early is not evident.

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Hank is a smart guy.

Before Einstein, scientists used to think that space had no end.

You know Subra better than anyone.

I'm going out for a walk.

You should not judge people based on their name.

Do you know what would happen if you did that?

It's not much of a surprise, is it?


Did you really swim for three hours yesterday?

I just wish we could leave this horrible place.

Both of us are very fond of curry and steak.


Yesterday I dreamt everything was words.

Is Pilot with you now?

I'm escaping.


If there's a better solution, then I'll notify you about it as soon as possible.

Keep your eyes closed until I say that you should open them.

Get these folks some drinks.

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Gunnar shouted at us in a gruff voice.

No smoking is allowed at this train station.

Give my regards to your folks.

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Nigel is extremely competitive.


Please go home.

Jan must be guilty.

I have a question I want to ask you.

I guess I can't blame you after last night.

You say you spoke against those who wished to destroy us.

Deirdre says that she loves Shawn.

If you like, I'll tell you about what happened to Claire.

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When it had stopped raining, he went for a walk.

When she saw me, she was embarrassed.

I'm really upset about it.


I feel kind of sick.


She's away for the weekend.

Juergen is suffering from a bad cold.

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's lesson.

Neville is not crying.

Nobody ever sits there.


I'm instinctively bad with children and infants.

Matthieu wanted to go over a few things with Kee.

I wanted to get a lot of money.

The wind has calmed down.

I'll never hurt you, Soohong.


You don't have to speak perfect English. Broken English is OK as long as you can make yourself understood.


I could see you were in trouble.

At this time, I am reading an action novel.

I'm very much against what you're suggesting.

I have no home to return to.

You don't believe it, do you?

It's important that you hear this.

We've had a lot of complaints about how you treat your classmates.

The weekly appears on Thursday.

Their argument eventually ended in a draw.

What is he looking for?

Both Sean and I have already tried that.

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He is aware that the work is difficult.

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Don't forget to call me up tonight.


Well, are you going to ask her?


In his opinion Brasilia was a failure in many ways. The city did not turn out the way the planners intended and is not thought of very highly by either its own inhabitants or other Brazilians.


I slept through his dull speech.

Yesterday I went to wash in the river.

That sounds terrible.

Stevan always drinks at least three cups of coffee in the morning.

Benjamin felt like a new man.

I submitted my report to Cristopher.

Did Swamy really throw rocks at you?

Barbra won the Miss Tatoeba contest.

They ran past him.


Masanobu couldn't see it.


He made himself heard across the room.


Are we going out together?

I'd like to speak to her.

I'm not afraid to fight.

We must observe the rules.

Everybody here knows that Ravi speaks very good French.


It's not going to work, is it?


I'd rather that we get a divorce.


The weather was very good.

Sally denied having beaten his girlfriend.

Sorry, I complained a lot.

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Dimitry is a wonderful dancer.


Raman is still trying to get in.

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This bird's large wings enable it to fly very fast.

I could use a little help in here.

She's waiting.

We have shut the door.

Whether you will succeed or not depends upon your own exertions.

The meeting will take place tomorrow.

There were several bearded men in the park.

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He'll be just fine.

You're a friend of Alain's, aren't you?

Clyde tried to trick us.

People will start talking.

We're full.

Charles isn't much younger than me.

Tandy is pretty good at playing rockabilly.

How about some more coffee?

These adjectives are all positive.

We visited the museum last week.

Nici began to suspect that Jelske was being unfaithful.

Imagine yourself in her place.

One thousand years later, aliens came to Earth only to find the damned remains of a wicked civilization.


Ernest won't have any problem getting the report finished on time.

Sanjay is a good listener.

He was supposed to come.

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I raise a variety of roses in the garden.

He's so young.

Attention! This video may contain expletives and graphic violence. Its content may offend you.

I feel a pain in my back.

Squirrels love climbing trees.

Is that suitable?

I'm not copying your homework.


We showed him some pictures of London.

Alf was fired last October.

I tried to find him.

I'm going to have to stay.

I think I'm going to pass.

You're still very beautiful.

Am I the only one?

Toufic has been driving without a license since he was thirteen.

I told you to come early.


I think that it was probably Friday of last week.

Since my watch was broken, I didn't know the correct time.

I thought Wendell wouldn't recognize Leora.

Can you guess her age?

Did your husband foot the bill?


I pretended to be friends with her.

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When was the last time you had a bath?

China was isolated for hundreds of years.

I think Herbert is going to be all right.

John broke in as Alice was speaking.

You have to see this movie.


Will you give this envelope to Elliot?


I received a letter from her to the effect that she couldn't accept my marriage proposal.

I'm behind him.

Mr Wright speaks Japanese as if it were his mother tongue.

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The pistol bullet pierced his leg.


Saad felt vulnerable.

He's married to an American woman.

How about another piece of cake?

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You don't need to hurry.

I knew better than to ask for more money.

There's nowhere to go.


You used to tell me everything.


She has no more than one thousand yen.

This thing isn't alive.

Can't you see that Tammy doesn't want to talk to you?

Sanjib goes by doggy years.

I've never trusted you.


This could've happened to anyone.

Lawrence came before I had waited ten minutes.

I'll be meeting with Gil.

You all did well.

A mistake young people often make is to start learning too many languages at the same time, as they underestimate the difficulties and overestimate their own ability to learn them.