I went by bus as far as London.

I want you to straighten up the environment a little more.


I thought for a moment Polly was really going to tell Doyle about what happened.

That may happen Monday.

I burned the roof of my mouth.


This picture is hilarious.

Jurevis fell asleep with his glasses on.

There is no returning on the road of life.

We haven't seen Sandy since yesterday.

Nobody talks about him.

Some fish are able to change their gender.

They bumped against each other.

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Let me have a look at that.

Are you really going on the date with Terry?

Can you hand me that?


Do I need to reconfirm?

Go slow.

Nathaniel started to sing.


Price hopes to see you there.

The quarrel had unfortunate consequences.

My battery just died.

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I think that's a lot of hogwash.

I am getting strong.

Fred and I aren't talking to each other right now.

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I didn't realize that Christie's bill was overdue.

You need me here.

I love Japan, and Japanese girls of course

She was beautiful and innocent.

Brandy predicted his own death.

Do you need to go?

I'm sure Lawrence will be able to help.

Fear is essential for survival.

This ball is round.

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Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris as a special negotiator.

That restaurant usually serves good food at lower prices.

I want you to know I'm here if you need me.

Tony speaks English as well as you do.

That architect builds very modern houses.


Nothing in nature is useless.

I want you to be nice to me.

Archie's office is the third door on the left.

I'm working on my new book.

Vivek carefully stepped inside.

He listened very carefully in order not to miss a single word.

Markus was smart not to sell his house at that time.


Bruce said he wanted to ask me a personal question.


That's what I'd like to do.

Just be careful, Dieter.

Because he was tired, he went to bed early.

Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.

May I use the vacuum cleaner?

Benjamin has a flower in her hand.

It was just a hookup.

The price was only three thousand yen, or about thirty dollars.

He told the students to be quiet.

I'm a little dizzy.

"He wants you specifically; no one else will do, as the Devil's private secretary said when he took Doctor Faustus away," replied Mr. Weller.


Rajarshi said he wanted some company.


You told Sigurd something, didn't you?


The suspect wanted to avoid being arrested.

Tatoeba: Don't cum here on Friday nights, kids.

The sedative is taking effect.


I gather you don't like him.


Take the bags upstairs.

I have tried everything.

Linley saw an attractive middle-aged lady in the park.


Oh, take your time. I'm in no hurry.

While in the queue at the ticket office, I understood that I should have had to rely on your camera to take more pictures!

It is an index of her character.

Lucius might talk.

The Safavid dynasty reunified Iran in 1501.


Valeria spent the morning weeding his garden.

Well, now you know.

Has something happened?

Promise that you will keep your promise.

I heard that Louis was working late last night with you. Is that true?

I think that style of dress will return again next year.

This study grant was given to me by the departmental council.

I'm very happy with it.

You think I'm wrong, don't you?


I actually haven't finished my homework yet.

The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

She was part of the problem.

I've been very careful.

I asked where he had been.

Lend him as much money as he needs.

I became a champion.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Let's measure how tall you are.

The tall man came out of the house.

I'm glad you got to meet him.

What do Arne and Farouk look like?

Can I do it today?

He is very mercenary.

A woman should follow whatever her husband orders.


We don't want any more mistakes.

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The Amazon Rainforest is a vast area in the north of South America, whose main river is the Amazon River

I also work at the weekend.

That policeman promised to look into the matter.

June is a bit strange.

Why weren't they there?

Alan has to do that now.

I have a new hamster and I've named him Dan.


One beer, please!

I'm extremely confident.

This tastes like passion fruit.

I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to.

I guess you didn't talk to them.

I'll take care of it personally.

Who has eaten all the cookies?


I'm all set to start.

I expect Eddy will be back soon.

How long have you known him?


You'd better sit down, Nicolette.


I don't think it means anything.

The way Randal looked at me was so adorable, I just couldn't say "no."

We really want to win.

Adrian might not be hungry.

That's mine.


Well, anyway, I liked the idea of this site and I want to participate!

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Hohn is usually the last to leave, but last night Ramanan left ten minutes after he did.


Certainly, Aunt Wealthy was no slave to fashion.

He grabbed the boy's hand.

Glen was excited to go to the concert.

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Every lock of Danielle's hair was in place.

I want to go there once more.

Math is like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated.

To drive a car, you need a license.

The earthquake triggered a powerful tsunami.

Tokyo was really wonderful.

You guys are strange.

Tell her that I am looking for the keys.

I'm not doing that.

I have no time to have a rest.

He was caught cheating in the exam.

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The purple alien had 4 arms and 4 legs.

Slighty overweight girls would look cuter if they lost a little weight.

Progress is being made.

I laid myself on the grass.

I can speak Japanese.

Why are you so cheerful?

There was a large crowd there.

Stephanie is a salesman.

She met Kathryn.


Are you sure you really don't need anything?


Matzo, an unleavened bread, is eaten during Passover.

Pandora and Arlene fell in love with each other.

The children were gathering around.

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I can make your problems go away.

I don't like anything here.

Kate's dog was barking at Brian at the gate at noon.


Gregg lost confidence in himself.


What's the weather like today?

Julia knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway.

Investing can be stressful.

We caught them.

I'm going to get you to talk to Clyde.


What is the exact time?

He died of cancer last year.

You should just do what Seth is asking you to do.

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Does Mario ever get violent?

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Is that warranted?