It's already dark outside.

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After I shut the door, I remembered I had left my key behind.

Knut is thickheaded.

This is not for me.


We deal with this kind of thing all the time.

Experience Life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.

You're materialistic.


I'm persistent.

Marty has another problem.

There's great danger.

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I hope Amy doesn't get sick.

How many of you agree?

I like animes.

The room has two windows.

Who notified you?


She has met someone.

Since I had a cold, I didn't go to school.

Bogdana is the mother of Felicja.

I'm quite busy.

People love to talk.


Matthew let Roger take credit for what he did.

It shocked me.

Real ability wins in the end.

Herman thought that Shai didn't want to swim.

Do you need a new keyboard?

It may be a trap.

The turnover was 500 million shares.


I figured I could trust him.

I woke up with a headache.

Secure the door before you leave.

Why are you doing this here?

This really is a dangerous situation.

Is that your sister?

I have a reservation, my name is Kaori Yoshikawa. Here's my confirmation card.

Israel is the Jew among the national states!

It's hard to complain against such good people.

I love your jacket.

Let's not be fooled.

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Night coming on, the boys went home.

A large crowd attended.

I've got a job interview.


The Amazon River meanders through northern Brazil.

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Is that as heavy as it looks?

Where did you interview them?

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.

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The one who can walk is able as well to dance, and the one who can talk, to sing.

In intelligence he is second to none.

Can we help them?

I gave it to them yesterday.

I must rid my kitchen of cockroaches.

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Cats are smarter than you think.


I do want to know what you found out.


Why don't you talk to her?


We'll have to wait a few minutes.

You're starting to bore me.

There was no one left but me.

Mr. Johnson is a wonderful music teacher.

I just need her for a minute.

I like not only ice creams, but also sorbet and frozen youghurt.

She sat next to him on the bus.

The United States are a republic.

We've lived in Boston for three years.

I want to be in the race.

He finished last but one.

Gabriel is intimidated by Sandra.

Delbert lives with his parents.

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His declarations show him as a man of prejudices.

It was obvious that he was trying to get her attention.

Infinity can't really be understood by the human mind.


I'm not talking to her.


She does not understand modern technology.


Duncan had a hard time making a living in Boston.

She's very protective of him.

I'm looking forward to the day that we eat breakfast together.

These vases must be used carefully.

Traffic is busy here.

The boy was speechless when talking to a girl.

This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".

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How bad is Monica hurt?

She began dressing conservatively.

That's really surprising.


Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant?


He still loves her.

What are you eating?

Seenu tried to convince Ning that he'd changed.

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Barrett has begun writing a cookbook.

Where's Lanzarote?

Gretchen has a scar on his stomach.

Graham will be here this afternoon.

This is the best thing since sliced bread! I don't know what the best thing was before sliced bread, however.

Christina wanted to keep the party a surprise.

You're damn right.

I'm glad you got to meet Jayant.

I have an appointment in less than an hour.


You must not discuss this matter with anyone.

His daughter is sick.

There was general panic.

Two brothers set out on a journey together.

Could you tell me the way to the station?

I don't think your name's Alberto.

I'm going to do it.

Since the note was written in French, I couldn't read it.

You shot him.


Have you read today's paper yet?

I want that car.

This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.

I will take you home.

Have a happy marriage.


He earns three times as much as I.


It is no wonder that he failed.


I've just been told that I have to bring my own equipment.


She is five years his junior.

She is married to an English teacher, so she can take lessons free of charge.

Make room for the baggage.

We both stand to benefit from this arrangement.

What did he do to my meat?


Why would I help her?

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I wish I'd met her.

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We clear the futons away in the morning.


Tobias says he doesn't know anybody here.

Esperanto gives little festive hats to some of its Cs, Gs, Hs, Js, Ss, and U's.

Nobody showed me around.

You need to come up with new stuff.

I'm not the only one who thinks Takeuchi is beautiful.


The market never reaches stable equilibrium.


They soon arrived at the station on the moon.

Lucifer doesn't have a cat. However, Hy does have a dog, doesn't he?

That's really bad.

We're not at war with Japan.

Mina is presented as a possible victim.


I'd like whiskey and water.

She phoned him as soon as she got home.

It's well past Kanthan's bedtime.

They aren't coming today.

Everyone is staring at us.

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Your instincts were wrong.

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Young as he is, he is a man of ability.


The boss is an open person.

The Takamatuzuka burial mound is located in Nara prefecture, Asukamura.

We hope that you're ready.

Niels showed Maria how to gut a fish.

I met her an hour ago.

The question is if my parents approve of it or not.

I never dreamed that I would meet you.

Christian's parents are teachers.

That's a lovely necklace.

Do you have a family?

I know several ways to do that.

I'm being honest with you.

What do you want to do while you're here?

Do you know where that happened?

Wilson plays the harmonica well.

Maybe we should go back.

Ross suggested that we should leave earlier than we'd originally planned.

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I've been calling Robert all morning, but I can't get a hold of him.

Does prison reform criminals?

We found a great restaurant.

Give me a hand here, will you?

Do you have the most recent version of this software?