All bugs should be fixed today before we leave.

This scenery carries me back to my old native town.

Erick didn't need any convincing.

Is this information correct?

He had already edited it by the time it came across my desk.

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I'm proud of my family.


I am in cloud number nine.

I don't know.

He's rude, arrogant and ignorant.

She took a protein shake.

We were eating while weeping.

Rome abounds with relics.

He likes his spaghetti al dente.


There won't be a choice.

I wondered why people stared at me.

Fletcher said he had some personal problems to take care of.


Pradeep is photogenic.


She died a week later.

I think we'd better get out of here.

I put those photos on my webpage.


Pravin is very smart, just like you.

She signs the most important documents.

As soon as you tell me how, I'll do it.

The astronomers were so pleased with Clyde's drawings that they offered him a job.

No one knows what'll happen in the future.

The only thing we can do is try it.

Don't stare at others.

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Staying up late nights is nothing to me.

He struck me in the face with his fist.

All the children went to bed.

He is making tea.

Is there any room for me?

Don't forget to pay the rent.

Well, in that area, of course things are different for men and women.

Your mum is better than your sister.

The view from the top of the hill was simply breathtaking.

I'm going to stay there for a couple of days.

I have a pain in my back.

A well-made cup of coffee should require no cream or sugar.

If need be, I'll go with you.

Fasten your seat belt at all times.

Your blood pressure is very high.


Psycho-horror films dealing with the mysteries of human psychology are popular these days.

She studies as hard as any student in her class.

Nobody has deleted this sentence.

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Juri wants Joel's opinion.

We have three possibilities.

I have an eight-year-old daughter.


Malaclypse is right this time.


He has rough manners.

The settlers built their homes along the river.

Let's be tolerant.

Jane gave me the same present as Wendy did.

I was watching you.

That better not be Donne.

He asked for my resignation.

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Who wrote such an unrefined article?

It is illegal for bicycles to pass on the right of cars.

The smoke alarm has never been maintained.

Sharada didn't give Max his real telephone number.

Isn't that what really matters?

I haven't got much money with me.

My life has changed since I met her.

Lloyd rarely wears a tie.

It is a great honor for me to have been elected chairman.

The butter went bad.

Lanny has come to help us.

I thought Jim would be the crazy one.

Isaac wouldn't give up.

I couldn't believe Nou would really say no to me.

You have yours with you now, don't you?


At last, they were reconciled.

Tigger is on the job.

There's nothing you can say that'll change my mind.


Compared to Roman script, Japanese script seems more roundish and organic.


You don't need to make a decision right now.

I met a friend at the airport.

Maybe I'm in love with her.

If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others.

Kusum didn't mention anything about that.


I wish I could have been more help.

There's no way I can get this done by tomorrow.

The meeting will take place next Sunday.


One should do one's homework by oneself.

The screening of donated blood for the presence of various illnesses is expensive, but is also necessary to keep the blood supply as safe as possible.

I want to make Fred proud of me.

I met him on the stairs as I was coming up.

I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS.


What expensive pictures the man bought!

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I went fishing with Joyce.


If you're hungry, eat.


Were you able to make it to the station on time to catch the first train this morning?

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Beetroot was offered to Apollo in his temple at Delphi.


"I am the most beautiful tree in the garden," exclaimed the peach tree, "or even in the whole world!"

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Are we going home?

Gerald listens to Radek.

What a waste of money!

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I was ready to go.

Rafael never seems to finish anything.

After a life-or-death experience, some people claim that they have found new takes on life.


I didn't want Meeks to worry.


A typhoon is approaching Japan.

She doesn't share the opinion of her boss.

I'm going to let you decide for yourself.

The sun rises earlier in the summer.

I'm going to hang out with Casey.

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Can they finish this before the deadline?


It was beautiful in the country, it was summer-time; the wheat was yellow, the oats were green, the hay was stacked up in the green meadow.

Are you a friend of Albert's?

That's a completely unfounded rumor.


She has a good memory, too.


I'll notify Mosur.


He retired at the age of 65.

Marla has never been on a ship.

Jagath wants to be a professional musician.

How did Kees persuade Teriann to go to Boston with him?

I would take this dress before that one.

It's time for us to talk.

It's time to say goodbye.

Do you know what the risks are?

She went with him to the zoo.

Let me see.

Donovan likes games.


I know that Jennie doesn't like spinach.

I'm working on his car.

For God's sake, what are you up to now?


I've heard it said that you should never marry your first love.

If NATO forces invade Russia some day, it will be for preserving democracy and freedom, not for taking the oil of the Caucasus and Siberia.

Mr Ford is all right now.


Dieter had a run-in with his boss.


It's difficult to help people who don't believe they need help.

Tobias is considered very reliable.

Can you tell me why you're here?

Murph was kept waiting for a long time.

I saw Think a short time ago.

We have a serious problem on our hands.

This attitude, the Protestant work ethic, still influences Americans today.

New Year's arriving.

She told me that he loves me.


How did you get this job?

I want to express my appreciation for your help.

I wouldn't want to speculate.

Isn't that where we first met?

Valentin whimpered.


He's one of the most important figures in modern literature.


Miki was a very nice man.


Keep your mouth shut.

All you have to do is fill in this form.

I will try to eat it in one bite.


Work? You only need a good idea to become rich.

What did I tell you about that?

Romain likes to drink chilled water in hot weather, while Jeffrey prefers hers at room temperature.

I heard you bought a new car.

I hurried home.

Ramadoss seems tense.

The dogs scared us.

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Everything goes in the dumpster.