Traveling to the southern states during the winter will be costlier than it is now.

We don't know where they are now.


The guards are aiming their weapons at Isabelle.


Someone's going to hurt us.


Allan sat at his desk, pretending to study.

Please count your change again.

A conflict of opinions arose over the matter.

I slipped on my geta and dashed outside.

I am allergic to analgesics.

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She was angry at herself.


You need to be very careful.


This is very important to us.

The summer vacation is only a week away.

Everyone wants that.

The race director said that the fun run would be held, rain, hail or shine.

Nothing is beautiful but the truth.

After school, their lives diverged.

The announcer spoke English.

He is in conference now.

Two second-class tickets to Boston, please.

I'll split it with you fifty-fifty.

I advise you to stay away from Naresh.

I love that machine. It still works perfectly.

You aren't stupid.

He has half as many books as me.

My sister is cooking in the kitchen.


You're too aggressive.


The father, who is on business travel, always write to the son.


I don't know what that's all about.

Rob said he was asked to leave.

He is strange, and I don't like strange people.

I'm ready to start working whenever you are.

I don't think he's playing with a full deck.

I'm still riveted by day-long sports.

Would you please write with a ballpoint pen?

We competed with each other for the prize.

Trying scarcely ever gets any exercise.

May I open the window?

I know nothing about Sidney's family.


Frances's French is quite good already.

How much is it per box?

A long time ago, Europeans thought that the Sun was orbiting the Earth.

I can't stop browsing Tatoeba.

Let's see who gets there first!

You'll bring them, won't you?

I have been taking ballet lessons since I was three and hope to be a ballerina.

Skiing is my passion.

Thank you, Leads. I love flowers.

Victor just dumped me.

Yes, Bob helped me.

A sense of humour will stand you in good stead in difficult times.

I have to apologize to Lester.

How many specimens can the public see at the Smithsonian Institution?

That was a dirty trick.


They hold a general election every year.

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"Whom the gods love die young", was said of yore.

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My parents wouldn't let me date who I wanted to date.


On Sunday, I go to church.

What are we going to do next?

Contribute to Tatoeba.

I learnt a little English when Canadians worked in our neighborhood, but I still can't read in this language.

I counted the days to see when it had happened.

We'd better get the hole in the screen fixed or the house will be full of flies.

The Party won a sweeping victory at the general election.

Nice weather added to our pleasure.

The crime investigators are looking into the murder case.

The drought did severe damage to the harvest.

Don't be sorry.


All the trainees share the burden of toil.

Why did you bring me here?

No matter what we do, Caroline won't be satisfied.

He is expert at figures.

Keep the change!

Give me time to relax.

I'll be very discreet.

There is an athletic meet soon.

Straka was optimistic.

I don't deserve the salary they pay me.

I can't eat all of this.

We hope she will take heart soon.

I asked Pantelis to do that.


Nobody was good enough for Amarth.

Their food was great last time.

Knapper is moral.

Huashi needed the money badly.

I came for her.

No comment.

I didn't walk for a year.

I had already eaten before I arrived at the party.

They're not offering us anything.

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I'm trying to do what's right.


Is this a riddle?

I looked around and noticed that it was the only car on the road.

Cindie is the one who painted this picture.

Do you have much money with you?

What followed was still worse.

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I have to talk to somebody about what I should do.

Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

Death doesn't understand jokes: people call for it, and it comes.

I can't wait to hold you again.

Did you leave a tip?

He wants to make something clear.

Each single-author book is immensely particular, a story told as only one storyteller could recount it.

Where's the fun in that?

Shouldn't Hillel go first?

I woke up the next day with a hangover.

Not everyone is meant to be happy.

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You better not do that. I know where your parents live.


May comes after April.

Can't you see what's happening to you?

How many times a day do you eat?

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Business is in a mess.


Please do so.

We spent the entire day on the beach.

Orville took the hammer from Chris.

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The girl was given a prize for good conduct.


You'd regret that, I think.

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Hey, what are you talking about?


She gave birth to twins a week ago.

I'm pressing charges.

Oskar is one of the best guitar players in Australia.

There are many people living in this house.

Masaru wishes to join the English Club.


Haven't we met somewhere before?

It is important to have a budget.

If you join this club, you will be entitled to use all of its facilities.


She's at home.

Their claims were as follows.

He's an African American.

Neil took off his jacket and laid it on the chair.

As long as I'm going to be in London, I ought to see a play or two.

If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

As for me, I don't want to go out.

I don't think it was a mistake.

Leads was here a few weeks back.

The pigs aren't in the pen.


There aren't any restaurants around here.

She took night classes in the science of self-defense.

I didn't do anything with him.

Donald couldn't go anywhere else.

She was on the verge of fainting out of sheer terror.

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She is intense in her study.


He dropped out when he was in the 7th grade.

Maybe Sanity was walking in his sleep.

In 1958, the statue was built in the Hiroshima Peace Park.


I can read English, but I can't speak it.

Steen didn't say when he would return.

I know how you feel, but it's over.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Japan.

Have some respect.

Guess whose birthday it is today.

I come home at two thirty.

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The soup is not cool.

I've been on edge all day.

We are enthusiastic Hanshin Tigers fans.

Brandy is a lifeguard at the local swimming pool.

Don't be careless.

We were late as a result of the traffic jam.

Why are there so many Esperantists on Tatoeba?

There was a strange smell coming from the kitchen.

Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.

Edwin doesn't usually walk to the gym.

Is that sarcasm?

I know how happy you are.

His words went to my heart.