Justin is busy with his research.

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My daughter does not talk back these days; she must have turned over a new leaf.

I want to give her this.

A circus is visiting the town.


Rodent is very depressed.

Gregor may have gone already.

Rayan ransacked Carter's house.

I'll answer any question, as long as it pertains to Rampart.

The secret will soon get out.


Did the plane make up for the lost time?

Stan got changed.

I love to teach.

He was good and drunk.

Goethe used this idiom. Why, then, should it be incorrect today?

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It's transparent.

This shirt doesn't fit me anymore.

Birds have sharp eyes.

Let's give them a hand.

Don't bullshit me!

Happy Father's Day!

Although it rained, everyone had a good time.

I think that maybe you're right.

Delbert is a serious person.

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I'm not interested in what Pitawas thinks.

I'm good at soccer.

What language do they speak in Mexico?


We have a cash flow problem.

How do native English speakers determine whether an English learner is a good non-native English speaker?

Adlai is heavier than Jack by ten pounds.

Marsha is living with his family.

I'll never be as good as her.

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Eat your vegetables.

Both Roy and Matthieu were talking at the same time.

My suggestion for now is that we let Sridhar do what he wants.

I just missed her.

Do you have any pictures of Jin when he was a kid?

Saad became a staunch conservative.

Pitawas wasn't gone very long.

We'll provide you with anything you need.

My mother tongue is the most beautiful present that I received from my mother.

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Speaking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in the winter?


Jock made it very clear that he didn't want us here.

Charlie is the one who went to Boston with Seth.

Juliet is deaf and mute.

Can you see the difference between these two pictures?

Bradley forgot the safe's combination.

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Bert might be working overtime tonight.


So that's where all my chocolate goes!


That was the best twenty bucks I've ever spent.

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Darryl asked several people the same question.

The bridge is supported by 10 posts.

I'll see if I can't help out.

Now look what happened.

I still don't know yet.

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He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.

"The birds are singing! Isn't it beautiful?" "NO!"

The old place has not obtained the result at all.


I agree with you, so there's no need to be so argumentative.

Looks like we're in a fine mess now.

What children! You send them to get candy and they return with a dog!


Rodent was lucky to grow up in a multilingual environment.

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Let's take another look.

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Theo is fast.

The problem is difficult to solve.

Rome became a great power under Julius Caesar.

These alpaca wool mittens are soft and warm.

It is impossible for you to be too careful of your health.

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It gets quite hot in summer.

There will I give thee my love.

Benjamin never told me why he was here.

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Four is an unlucky number in Japan.

The skyscraper is in the center of the city.

That's exactly what I would do.

Daniele hasn't even told Larry his name yet.

She has become more and more beautiful.


It all went according to plan.

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How much is it going to cost?

Would you at least consider my plan?

You must take up a regular occupation.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Suzy hopes that Srikanth will ask her out.

Yesterday I spent the whole day working.

In the summer, it dawns earlier than in the winter.

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Rahul still doesn't have a girlfriend.

Let's see what comes up.

The air was humid.


If you act like that, he'll think you hate him.

He finds pleasure in watching people.

We'll all be dead in thirty years.

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Drinking more water won't do you any harm.

You can help stop that.

Call us.

That'd be nice.

He glared at me fiercely.

Randell used to work for Collin.

Guillermo thought Suwandi would come to his party.

Forgive them, God, for they know not what they do.

How many hours have you been studying?

Howison in his "Sketches of Upper Canada" relates that on one moonlit Christmas Eve he saw an Indian creeping cautiously through the woods.

It'll only take a few minutes.

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For better or worse, there is nothing for it but to leave the matter in his hands.

We can't leave any loose ends.

They invited me to the wedding.

You're a prude.

I wish I had taken better care of myself.


Sally told me his father could speak French.

I have to wake him up soon.

Andries stumbled after her.

She was always staring at me for the time being.

Why are you helping us?

Alan doesn't practice what he preaches.

Too bad I didn't wait for your response before I added the sentences.


But for the map, we could not have found the way.

We go to a Japanese restaurant!

It brings me great joy.

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He never goes to an assembly.

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Someone's trying to get in.

I'm not very hungry.

Is Sharon still single?


Come and let us surprise you.

In many countries, being gay is a cause for imprisonment.

How did you do?


Our plan flopped.

These protests are engineered by the CIA.

Happy the man who can pay his own way.

Judge took a hot bubble bath.

You're really good at that.

I don't care if you trust me or not.

The good driver wove his way through the traffic.


I'm pretty sure Hwa really loved Spencer.


I prefer whole-grain cereals.


I didn't need to sell my car.


Sam, how is the current situation?


I would prefer to only hire people to translate into their native language.

This is doable.

Saumya put one strawberry on each cupcake.


Juri has put on some weight.


He became an orphan when he was ten.

They probably hate me, too.

I'd like an opportunity to explain my plan.

We still need a plan.

I'm not sure I agree with you.

I got the gist of what he was saying.

I've admired Page for a long time.

You'd better do it quickly.

As you won't live forever, of course, your housing accommodations are impermanent.

I'll play a sonata for you.

Roxie doesn't want me to stay.

I only eat like this when I'm miserable.

We fast-forwarded the film.

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In physics, the Jeans instability causes the collapse of interstellar gas clouds and subsequent star formation.


Weapons are forbidden here.

The painter produces many fine works of art.

Darrell's a beginner, but he catches on fast.


If I had enough time, I would go to New York City every year.


I've seen you with Byron.