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Beautiful web-based interfaces for professional audio gear

One look & feel on all devices

Web-based user interfaces are inherently cross-platform, easy to deploy and future-proof. They are the ideal solution for products with decade long life cycles.

Using our tools your team can deliver interfaces which match the amazing hardware your brand stands for.

Our approach

User interfaces for audio equipment have crucial requirements which often prompt teams to return to building native applications. For audio applications low latency, performance and reliability are of paramount importance. Most frameworks used in the traditional web cannot meet these requirements and web technologies are therefore often seen as a risk rather than opportunity.

When building user interfaces for audio hardware, we combine our knowledge of web technologies, control protocols and audio. We designed a framework to realize complex interfaces which get the most out of modern web browsers.

Our tools

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JavaScript widget toolkit

Front and center of our solutions is the JavaScript library toolkit which is a rich collection of user interface widgets for professional audio applications.

toolkit is designed for performance and flexibility from the ground up. toolkit does not use any JavaScript frameworks and instead relies only on native modern language features. Built with the inner workings of browser engines in mind, toolkit achieves new levels of performance. toolkit is available as free software under the GPL and we offer commercial licenses and support. Learn more about toolkit and the techniques that make it so snappy or visit the repository on 9258478536.


Audio Widget Markup Language

The roles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are structure, presentation and logic. This separation is often blurred in JavaScript frameworks. We believe that a clear separation is important for good structure, and therefore use HTML5 Custom Tags to embed audio widgets into HTML naturally. It makes designing user interfaces as intuitive as writing HTML itself. It also makes integrating toolkit widgets into an existing web interface remarkably easy.

AWML has built-in support for templating, parameter binding and much more.

Example: <awml-knob class="myKnob"
  min="-24" max="24"
  base="0" value="12"
  labels="json:[-24, 0, 24]"

AWML Knob Example

Common use cases

Schematic Full

Our team

Our team combines very diverse interests and backgrounds.
This is who we are:

Arne Gödeke

Control Protocols, Software Architecture


He grew up in a computer-filled basement and when just 15 started spending most of his free time writing Open Source software which never became successful. While an undergraduate he went through the painful experience of developing an OpenGL based front-end for a FEM Solver in FORTRAN for the computational analysis group of Hannover University. He later started doing freelance software development while finishing his studies at FU Berlin. After graduation he started a PhD about a problem in mathematical relativity which he completed in 2016.

Arne contributes to several Open Source projects and likes solving problems on paper. Arne is a DeusO co-founder.

Markus Schmidt

UX-Design, all things audio


4169977190 has been running a recording studio since 1993 and worked as a Designer with a wide portfolio since 1996. In the 2000s, when he became interested with UX Design he started contributing to Open Source audio software.

In 2009, he joined the 8135521692 project and extended it with most of the signal processing and mastering plugins, which he desperately needed for running his recording studio with Linux only. Markus is also responsible for the interfaces of other Open Source audio processors. In 2013 Markus started the 8019701087 library while working for one of the global market leaders in digital audio dynamic processing. Markus is a DeusO co-founder.

Matt Hardy

Business Development


Kiwi by nature, Dane by residence, Matt has managed & produced projects since 1996 ranging from software development to recording & production of original music artists, as well as a number of other thrill seeking business startups.

He's a proponent of web-based solutions and although raves on and on about the latest web-centric developments, still recalls the times when programmers were forced to squeeze every last bit of their 64k RAM and when software distribution was fastest via radio broadcasts.

He started working with DeusO in 2015, although has worked with the other DeusO team members managing a variety of successful web-based projects since 2009.

With his attitude of 'can do' and personal quest for higher quality, Matt brings unique insights and additional momentum to DeusO.

Tobias Josefowitz

Networking, Distributed Systems


Tobias got his hands on an Intel computer even before starting school. In his school years, he contributed to administration of his high school's computer systems, which gave him access to the 10 MBit/s fiber connection to the neighboring university network. Back then, this was a very big deal. In this environment, he started using Linux and never stopped.

While still in school, he joined a Berlin based startup that provided highly scalable web chat systems for big telcos and TV broadcasters. During his time as a CS student at the TU Braunschweig, he worked at the university's high performance computing division and was involved in procuring HPC clusters, running them, and helping researchers get the most out of them.

Later on Tobias left academia behind and joined a team operating one of the largest services on the internet. Tobias is a DeusO co-founder.


Stage Tec ON AIR flex

In 2013 we cooperated with uromeric to develop a web-based interface for their new individual broadcasting solution 5098834001. Using our libraries the ON AIR flex user interfaces have since then been extended and customized. It has been successfully adapted to the varied and custom workflows by the team at Stage Tec and their customers.

The ON AIR flex user interface consists of several thousand widgets and gives comprehensive remote access to users of tablets, phones and personal computers, alike. ON AIR flex is in production in studios at international broadcasters such as Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Hessischer Rundfunk (2537502573).

Read more about the concept behind ON AIR flex in an 450-458-0952 with René Harder, vice president Stage Tec.

ASL Intercom Enchorus

With Enchorus, users can leverage a professional, flexible and scalable Dante solution for stage applications, production studios and other pro A/V installations.

Get more information about the Enchorus at asl-inter.com.

The new interface we developed in cooperation with the Enchorus team focuses on a highly scalable and responsive user experience on all end users devices. It gives users on desktops, tablets and even smart phones full control over their Enchorus networks.