I hear that his father is in another country.

Travis tried to seduce his secretary.

That would be rude.

Freedom--especially the freedom of association--encourages small bands of zealots to public outrage. The price is high, but the bargain is good.

Stephen is not a true warrior.

That goes against my beliefs.

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Moses usually drinks a lot less than Rudy does.


He fell off the horse.

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I'll be happy to help you look for an apartment.

Can we talk to him directly?

Tell everyone you know about my concert.

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I could not sleep much last night.


Stagger didn't know you were joking.

I feel like I'm going to be OK.

I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends.

I am also here.

I can't let you go in there alone.


He has an uncontrollable temper.


It is foolish to take his word seriously.

That's what Oscar does to those he doesn't like.

She works at the local flower shop.


We'll meet you outside.


Do you think I'm too old to go back to school?

We spent our holiday exploring rural France.

I may have to fire him.

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Mann can't work this evening.


"I don't think that's a good idea." "What would you have me do, then?"

She lost herself in the crowd.

Dan left his home in London to visit a friend in Southampton.

I know who it is.

I'm not rich.


Do I need to explain this to Ted?

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They made the right decision.

Ken has no more than ten books.

Mickey can stay here as long as he likes.

I am very fond of travelling by train.

Claudia is my neighbor.

His lips touched hers.

How did you make a living in Tokyo?

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What country is it close to?


Her election is in the bag.


I will make him return what he has stolen.

Although he has many friends, he is lonely.

Benjamin never jokes about money.

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My answer will be all right.

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Eddie caught up with an old work colleague for lunch, and they had a good natter about some of the funny things that had happened when they worked together.

We're not supposed to leave yet.

I've given you everything I had.

That's not advisable.

How could you have been so stupid?

She looks just like an angel.

Hadn't we better be going soon?

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

I don't think I'd want to do that.

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She is Italian.

I suspect Socorrito got what he wanted.

I didn't cry.

At least he shook your hand. He didn't even look at me.

It finally made sense to me.

Did you hear your computer beep?

Malloy took off his hat.

He has a disregard for the law.

He was very sad yesterday.


The coroner is performing an autopsy on Ralph to find out what killed him.


On account of bad weather, we were forced to call off the assembly.

Len was severely beaten by the police.

She usually goes to bed at nine.


I pray for Brenda almost every day.

Laura is watching television news.

I didn't want to spend any more time swimming laps.


City dwellers have a higher death rate than country people do.

You should get moving.

Seven is said to be a lucky number.

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I can't get rid of this cold.

Kylo is my responsibility.

I can't leave them.

Harold was just sitting in dark when I entered the room and turned on the lights.

Are you sure you locked the door?

If you have nothing to say, better say nothing.

What's your favorite kind of music to wake up to?

Of all the things Kamiya did last weekend, he says that windsurfing was the most fun.

Only one man survived.

I plan to make a trip to China in the winter or soon after.

They're making something or other here.

I'll tell you about the incident that occured in our village.

I know why you're doing this.

Liz abhors violence.

You might try that.

Hamilton grabbed my arm.

He ran onto the field.


I bet it was her who did it.

I can swim well.

Would you like me to explain it?


The light hit Miek's eyes.

I saw her a few minutes ago.

I really do love your tie.

Jason managed to find a new job.

Johann is misunderstood.

Police has at last had a break in the investigation.

This castle tower commands a panoramic view of the whole city.

He went to the beach, and looked far across the sea toward the horizon.

Tor can't leave just yet.


The soldier made light of his wounds.


I was afraid I might be late in coming.


Milner kept Loyd waiting for an hour.

Let's wait till he comes back.

How do you know Himawan is not into me?

Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.

This guidebook might be of use to you on your trip.

He can do anything he sets his mind to.

I own a computer.

I wonder what ever will become of the child.

Trey's out cold.

True art is theft.

I'll tell you everything when I come round and see you.

Steen is a better tennis player than you are.

I'd like to watch this movie again.

I've never seen Cyrus as happy as he was with Ramesh.

Susanne told me not to drive too fast.


I hope Lenny is at home.

I'll deal with this.

Would you like me to order it?

I know she'll agree.

Kuldip is extremely creative, isn't he?

There's been change of plan.

I will never forgive her.

The lamp was swinging back and forth.

Who is the woman dressed in pink?


It's worthless junk.

How's work?

The NPD is likely to enter the Landtag.

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I'm sure it's inconvenient.

I don't love Lowell anymore.

My car was stolen by a thief.

He made every effort to avoid yielding to the temptation to start drinking again.

They said they're busy.

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We must always be ready.

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Internet is a vast network connecting innumerable computers on a world scale.

Don't yell at my kid.

The people present were surprised.

Ahmed is a student.

Jinchao has changed very little.

I know times are tough.

We're going west.

Joni is just a regular guy.

It's not really that relaxing.

I don't think it'll be easy.

Our success is guaranteed.

Sue's harmless.

Maybe you can help me.

The dog was digging a hole.

Many Boston residents oppose the mayor's plan.

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Cut one's coat according to one's cloth.

We've tried everything.

Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides.

I bought this printer yesterday.

Nobody wants to visit my country.

I didn't want to let you down.

How will we communicate?


I would like to believe.


You can't give yourself a nickname.

Philippe is a sweet guy.

You made up your mind to go to law school, didn't you?