Fyndus has launched E-commerce in Chennai: A New Face in Digital Race

Having captured the hearts of Chennai users with offers and deals, Fyndus has come forward to continue its success in a new area with a new strategy. We have recently launched our e-commerce service in Chennai with the intention of offering high-quality products at the lowest factory prices. Because of quick and easy navigation, anyone can easily locate their favorite products in our store with the slightest stress.

In our stores located in USA, Canada, Pakistan and UAE, Fyndus has wide range of amazing products available at affordable rates, with absolutely free shipping on every order. Some of the products in this category include screen protectors, gaming keyboards and laptops. The category also features networking products such as Ethernet signal extender, USB adapter and a lot more. We specialize in providing electronics, contemporary fashion and other such products by closely following the very latest trends and developments as well as the latest technological developments. The electronic section of the site features various quality electronic products that include media players, 3D printers, alarm systems and security cameras (However, all these products are not available in Chennai store and we are increasing the number of products gradually).

Now, we have entered into Chennai market to implant our mark with hyperlocal delivery, promising to deliver in one day. The launch of the e-commerce website by Fyndus underlines the company’s desire to serve our thousands of customers scattered in Chennai with cost-effective products. With our unique service, 4 hour lightning delivery which is going to be launched very soon, the products will be delivered to users in just 4 hours from the time of their order.

In our online store, both merchants and users can shake hands with us, ensuring easier and safer selling and shopping. As a digital marketing platform, we provide a wide variety of options from big brands to local retailers with awesome deals, discounts and free Fyndus credits to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping.

For more details, tap the app at 5867079844

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À la carte Unlimited: Beyond the Buffet

                                     Fyndus Logo

                     À la carte Unlimited: Beyond the Buffet

“Eating is not only for having energy, but also to relish and cherish the world of senses”

If you see a regular restaurant menu, every item in the menu will have a price associated with it, and you can take which food items you’d like to order as per your choice. You will be charged for every item that you tasted based on the price of menu. But, if you are offered with À la carte Unlimited, you will be thrilled with unlimited dishes for one designated price. Either lunch or dinner, you may taste more than 150 types of dishes, and take up to 90 minutes to indulge in your non-stop munching.

Fyndus introduces

À la carte Unlimited

First time in Chennai


Fyndus Alacarte Image

                     “Have an adventure of taste!”

Food Image - Fyndus

It is a new experience

À la carte Unlimited is a kind of experience that every foodie should have because you:

  • Explore beyond the buffet: It breaks the traditional buffet system completely, offering you complete freedom on selecting food items.
  • Use Senses Extensively: When you take different dishes, flavors, textures and smells of the food will make your senses thrilled.
  • Celebrate Functions and Festivals: With more varieties in eating, celebrate any important event, get-together, function and festival.

 “À la carte Unlimited can change your taste-hunting journey positively”

Call To Action

Restaurants to go a la carte unlimited  

Café Sicilia in Anna Nagar East – /bit.ly/2MV9qdm

Stark Bistro in Chetpet – /bit.ly/2OLY1x4

Zero base – 402-369-0363


(270) 447-3629

How an App Can Save Your Money on Your Food Budget?

How an App Can Save Your Money on Your Food Budget?

Oh man! Just over 25 times around sun. Days are so tiring and feels like retiring everyday. We’re constantly redefining how we spend our day. Whether we like it or not, we’re connected to our work throughout the day. The vast majority of people convinced that work-life balance is nothing but working day in & day out throughout their life-time just to gain their livelihood.

This article not on how to balance work & life. This is just to question ourself and find out how we’re spending that hard-earned money wisely with the help of new-age technology.

The recreation we’ve apart from our daily office work is dining out with our friends and family at the restaurants around us by trying out various delicious dishes.

We all love food more, but at the same time we hate spending more.

If that’s the case, then what is the best way to dine-out?

With the advent of new technology, the sharp rise in smart phones and the presence of numerous apps in the play store it was inevitable to check out mobile apps which gives solution for anything & everything in our daily life.

There is n-number of mobile apps which helps you to save more on every purchase at groceries, food, apparels, etc. at the market space in the play store. In fact, mobile apps became friend, guide and help with solutions to most of our needs in day-to-day lives.

The mobile apps give us wide options to choose from the never ending list of stores with the required details for the end-users which are just a tap away in the Smartphone.

If you love to taste different recipes every time you eat outside, then Fyndus is the perfect app that’s just waiting to dominate your next dining experience.

This app allows you to save money and time with its updates on offer & deals around you regularly. For any kind of social celebrations, food plays a major role.

Fyndus assists you to make those occasions even more special with its offer price on food deals. It gives options to try the wide range of cuisines from North Indian to South Indian at some of the best restaurants in your city. You can earn reward points for redeeming your food coupon and using those points you can eat for free at a specific restaurant in the city.

Not just that, it is also running some interesting in-app campaigns for all foodies in the city. They are: Unlimited Food Feast, Invite & earn, Exclusive deals, Wednesday deals, BOGO offer, Big-Daddy deals and Super- saver offers. You can grab all these deals for free and pay at the restaurant when we use it.

Why wait? It’s time to take a delicious decision. Download Fyndus app.

Money wise, Be wise.


Fyndus – Offers, deals & discount near you




You are re-reading it right. Let’s continue.

We all spend more on food, drinks, salons, spas, fitness center, etc., What if we get access to offers & deals which will add more meaning to the money you spend?

Guess What? – You landed in a right spot.

Welcome to the world of FYNDUS, where you get thousands of offers & deals in and around your location.

Fyndus helps you to save more & get rewarded for every time you spend.


Fyndus is an online market space which bridges the gap between offline and online shopping. This is the first-of-its-kind in the world. Fyndus makes the shopping experience a delight with a cost-effective shopping portal whether you are shopping locally or globally.

The store releases the in-store coupon which is redeemable at particular locations.

Fyndus gives you a wide variety of options from big brands to local retailers with awesome deals & discounts & first time app users can get free Fyndus credits. The store releases the in-store coupon which is redeemable at particular locations.



1.We don’t charge money from users.
2.No hidden Cost. Pay at outlet. We don’t charge for coupons.
3.Get rewards for whatever you use.
4.Buy products across the world at your finger tip.



Every time you open the app you can see the trending offers in your city via flash page and the app enhances your search and helps you to grab your favourite deals through different features in the app.

NEARBY:  This will list out the offers & deals based on your search location and the nearest stores are shown first and rest follows. This helps you to find all the nearby stores/restaurants/spas/gym etc.

EXCLUSIVE: The speciality of this tab is you can find exciting deals at exclsuive price only for Fyndus users.



1.Install our app.
2.Browse for the deals around you, opt for the one which suits you the best.
3.WHY TAKE LESS, WHEN YOU CAN TAKE MORE? You can unlock & generate many coupons code as per your       4.wish at free of cost.
5.Visit the outlet & Flash your coupon code.
6.Pay at the outlet.
7.Gain Fyndus credits after successful redemption.


INVITE & EARN: We all love sharing good things with our friends & neighbours and we know you are good at it. We reward your habit of sharing with more Fyndus Credits. With these credits you can unlock FREE movie tickets, recharge coupons, buffets .

The more you share, the more you have.

Fyndus presents many in-app campaigns with delightful deals & offers that make you feel awesome.

Users can enjoy offers & deals at unbelievable lowest price and from now on Wednesdays are WOW Wednesdays! You can get over 50% OFF on selected deals & offers.

Your wait is over. – Install now to join the fun fyndus deal ride.

Your feedback really gets us going! You can also reach out to us through Facebook & 8158655645.

For any support / issues, contact us at: support@fyndus.com or call us at +934445525540. You can also reach out to us through Facebook & Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

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