It's the house where I was born.

Do you really think I'd do that?


I found the game easy.

Can you manage to lift this box?

English is taught in a lot of countries.

Briggs goes to work every day but Sunday.

He knows this.

When I was in Boston, I ran into Danny.

Does she like her job?

The courtier was enjoying great royal favor.

He felt like crying at the sight.

I don't feel equal to doing the work.

Why don't I have a girlfriend?

I'm the man of the house.

Dan pulled Linda to safety.


We wanted to do it right away.


The Romans left their mark in Britain.

I don't know if we're going to make it on time.

How often do you feel this pain or complaint each day?


This new announcer keeps stumbling.


What makes this one special?


None of us could do what Gretchen asked.


Of all the forms of government, democracy is the least bad.

Things are changing.

Hurf picked up a rock and threw it at King.

Lievaart felt uncomfortable.

Ozan didn't want to do anything that might hurt Betty's feelings.


Where did you sing them?

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An honest life is pleasing to God.

Is Root still around?

Could you send it by email?

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I will show you a new approach to foreign language learning.


You were saying...?

Until next year!

That's an interesting way of doing things.

What should we expect?

Do not take your mind off work.

There's something that I want to do before I leave.

Even if he is busy, he will come.


I couldn't get more than that.

Do you have a spoon I can stir the rice with?

I saw a white cloud sailing across the sky.

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When will we see each other?

We have a surprise for them.

George pretended not to know the answer.

I wanted Allen put in jail even more than you did.

You know, I've never been to your house.


My father told me where to go.

His resignation as Prime Minister came as a surprise.

He is, if anything, a little taller than I.

Let me ask you something, Stu.

Stacy doesn't know where Roman usually goes skiing.


Sanand has an evil twin brother.

We lost everything in the fire.

I told Francis I just want to be friends.

Kelvin doesn't know what he'll do.

The "retired" president of that company runs the whole show from behind the scenes, so the current president is nothing but a figurehead.

Piercarlo bent down and picked up the ball.

While we were busy, 2 hours passed again.


Suwandi's house was on fire.

Where did she go yesterday?

What was Izumi confused about?

That would be one reason.

Rex won't be very effective.

Try to go slower.

I'm little worried about them.

That's a good picture of you.

I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl.


You could at least say thank you.


I must put my ideas together before I take up my pen.

Space refused to do what we asked.

What are you yelling at me for?

Please paint the door white.

Don't you miss them?

She never lets her beliefs get in the way of her duty.

This planet appears to be suited for colonization.


Some people like cats, and others prefer dogs.

It is clear that the ship sank.

I will go to Ireland this summer.


Don't play with me.

She reluctantly agreed.

Why didn't anybody tell me?


Poor as he is, he is happy.


Kenneth decided it would be wiser to study than to go out with friends.

He's better than I.

She lives across the river.


I admit, at that time I was a little drunk.


The manual is in Spanish only.


You couldn't live without water.

Jim resembles his father.

France won the World Cup in soccer in 1998.

It's not an insult. It's an observation.

Nobody could tell us anything.

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I really should mop the floor.


Line up by height, please.

Jane ran after the deer as fast as possible.

I ate some crisps.


That boy looks like you.

Yes, she is angry.

Let me fasten my seat belt!

There's no way Cris'll win.

I need to know that we can depend on Jerome.

I wanted to talk to you about that.

I'm more of an oldies kind of girl.

I like both the song and its lyrics.

Tanaka was a big help to us.

Are you competitive?

Micky reached in her purse and pulled out her checkbook.

The water is not clean.

Bradley faced the media scrum.

This is a magic wand.

I want a better look at this document.

I signed the contract.

She found him standing near the entrance.

This is the first time I've ever treated a wounded person.

This house runs the risk of collapsing.

The British withdrew, but attacked again the next year.


Will turkeys vote for Christmas?

Did I tell you what Melissa said?

I wonder if you're as busy as I am.

She needs a bath.


Miles claimed to be an expert in finance.

Let's drink.

He is anything but a poet.

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Luck has nothing to do with it.

Why's everything so dark?

There must be adaptations in translations.

I don't like such things as steaks and hamburgers.

I am looking for a shop.

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His idea is far from satisfactory to us.


Brendan entered the room.

Many people in Africa speak French.

The fire reduced the whole village to ashes.

The singer was standing by in the studio.

I'd like to pay with my credit card instead.

I asked him with good intentions, but he did not answer.

It is worth fighting for future generations.

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Paper is patient.

You'll come with me now.

The horse placed first.

Does this restaurant have pilaf?

An unconditional love is love without coercion.

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The plane departs from Heathrow at 12:30.

Was Joe with you yesterday evening?

We have a big game tomorrow.

All of us have some interest in history. In a sense, we are all historians.

Martin was in Hungary.

We are very grateful to those people.

His boots and pants were covered with mud.


It makes you happy, doesn't it?

An important principle of the Internet is the network neutrality.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Aside from his work, he has no other interests.

I've been hoping to meet you.

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King wants to be the boss.

Are you ready to begin?

We were caught in a shower.

Spudboy is quite bossy.

Where's my invite?

We cannot praise him highly enough for this.

Stephe will keep his word, I hope.

That's the last thing that I expected you to do.

A totally ordered set is often called a "chain".