You told me not to do that.

I'll try as hard as I can.


The world of thinking is a mosaic of visions, expressed through language.

I had my bicycle fixed yesterday.

Giles poured some more wine into his glass.

Do I need to book a seat?

It's more difficult than it looks.

I'd like to introduce Kent to Bjorne.

"Father, I know what you did in Gamelon." "What?" "Stop acting like you don't know, you dumbshit!" "I, uh..." "You better talk fast or I'll beat you up!" "Screw you!"


It was careless of you to leave the key in your car.


We are located in Boston.

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Douglas worked for Anne's husband.


Jaime was supposed to help me paint the barn yesterday, but he never showed up.

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Kemal didn't cut Marguerite any slack.


With one accord the audience stood up and applauded.


What movie did you see?

She didn't want to spend any more time with Srinivasan.

Stuart is doing his French homework.

I'm passionate about my job.

Butler isn't sure how to play this game.

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He didn't even look over the papers.

It was a small incident.

Sugih must have been at home at that time.


Maybe next fall we will see the ugliest and most cringeworthy presidential contest in the history of the United States of America.

I want to speak to them alone.

Where did Sekar take them?

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You said I should work harder at school.

I try to keep current with important news.

What a blessing!

What exactly is the difference?

Whenever she sees me, she greets me politely.

His answer is different from mine.

I'll buy a gift for them.

She complained of her headache.

As usual, Toufic got up early in the morning and swam.


I can't believe Melinda has really gone.

Are you still mad at Pitawas?

I think both Henry and Gideon are lying.

I don't know if I'll be able to help you on Monday.

You're kidding, aren't you?

I'd no idea you were still alive.

With the rain having stopped, the game began again.


It's for free.

I only weighed 55 kilograms when I was in high school.

Do you care?

The musical instruments and parts are completely professional quality! And yet the prices are lower than anywhere!

I hate dieting.

There came a loud knock on the on the front door.

Patrick asked Pandora to drive John to the airport.

What are we having for dinner?

That's why I'm here, actually.

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I want you to read this book.


You deserve everything you get.

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The article will be sent cash on delivery.

I forgot to write to my parents.

Let's meet in front of the main gate at 2:30.


It's forbidden to make the dogs pee.

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She took a lot of baggage with her.

I think that there is water under the table.

The storm knocked out power.

Our virtues are, most often, only disguised vices.

The criminal charge is not the matter, it's about the attitude we adopt toward those abuses.

I haven't gotten any messages from him since then.

I'm not hiding the truth from them.

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I can't stand to see you crying like this.

"Hey guys, who will be kind enough to take me to the airport?" "I will!"

He is anxious for her to come.

Is that milk still good?

I'm sure Julie will succeed.

It's fascinating.

Are you using that?


Does "juice" in Japan imply juice in a can?

I miss Boston so much.

I know what he told his friends about me.

We can rely on him.

How time flies!

How often do you eat pork?

Carlos ate a frozen dinner.

It's a matter of priorities.

He was a pitiable spectacle of neglect and wretchedness as he sat there on an upturned pail, eating his bread and cheese with fingers that, like his clothing, were grimed with paint and dirt.

Laurie finished writing the report in less than three hours.

He read physics at Oxford.

Did you make this doll by yourself?

Kirk asked Kiki to do him a favor.

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It's hard to explain.

We were compelled to stay at home on account of the storm.

Don't get too near.

"What day of the week is it?" "It's Wednesday."

Vilhelm would never do anything like that.

He propped his bike against the wall.

It's forbidden to make the dogs pee.

I readily grasped at his proposal.

No, please don't concern yourself. I have learnt to do as the Romans when in Rome.

And then Beckie noticed something strange.

He carried on with his experiment.


We went in search of an apartment.

Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

That would fix the problem.

All humans buy food at the mart.

They look relieved.


Is it OK if I ask another question?


I'm going to fix it myself.

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I watch the birds.

I am not pushing.

You can still see the remains of the fortress there.

We're investigating a series of murders.

You should use deodorant.

Don't let such a good opportunity go by.

Trevor unwrapped the scarf from his around his face.

You are wrong, however.

A leak has been found at Tokyo Electricity's Fukishima reactor number 1, and 150 liters of waters have escaped into the sea.

Let go of my hair.

I didn't pull the trigger.

A true friend is a great treasure.

Let's put all the cards on the table.


Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

Terrance couldn't look after himself.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

She was dressed in wool.

I thought I was the only one who knew that.

He looks like a sick person.

You're probably smarter than you think.

I didn't take those pills you gave me.

He flipped me off.

I walked through the cars of the train to find a seat.

You know that in the city of Paris, 28 bastards are registered for every 100 births.

Sunil had not paid the rent.

They walked for ten miles, rested for ten minutes, then walked again.

In molecular gastronomy, no boundaries are set on the creativity of the cooks.

No one knows how he has amassed his enormous fortune.

Her answer was incorrect.

I'd better return this.

There's hardly any hope that he'll win the election.

Valerie thought he was going to be able to meet Vincent.


This world is just an insane asylum.


The farm includes 160 acres.

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You're a peculiar girl.


Do you think it was Clarissa?


You may as well go home now.


The puppets are controlled by wires.


Jason has to help Pierre.

Either you or I have to go there.

The Premier subscribed his name to the charter.

What on earth are you looking for?

She always says nice things about him, especially when he's around.

Everything's wrong.

I like to comb my hair.

Nothing bothers us.

Ronald was the first one to arrive this morning.


He's always on time for his appointments.

They were accepted by the school.

Frederick tried to be polite.

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There's got to be a better way of doing this.

I know that one day you'll be gratefut to me.

Tell Sonny I'll see him tonight.

Come on, let's do it.

Can you rub my shoulders?

Don't rush me.

I'll take in the washing before it rains.

How are you today?

Miek couldn't believe that Nicolo actually kissed him.

I wish I could stop thinking about what's happened.

She applied for a job as a saleswoman.

She has an innate love of adventure.

I'm a little busy, Sofia.