I could never do what you're doing.

It made her happy.


She told him that she was sad.

Micheal stopped digging.

Some people always expect reward from others. Something like a hobby may be self-rewarding.


You had better not read this book.

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Sir threw the ball to me, but I couldn't catch it.


You look like your father looked thirty years ago.

Rolfe spent the day with Tao.

I wonder when Lenny will retire.

How do you pronounce the "@" sign in your language?

I think it might happen.

I'll tell you when I'll get back.

The market rallied.

Have you returned?

Mr. Anton spoke to them coldly.

I just don't want Roxie to get hurt.

The trip will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

The umpire said that he was out.

What's the minimum salary in India?

Without a dictionary, it would be hard to study English.

Everyone stood.

Are you sure there's no meat in this soup?

I've already been here two hours.

The examples are as follows.

Let's continue to do this.

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This is very difficult for Simon.

Saify is young at heart.

Malcolm painted it himself.

He's the only survivor in the village.

In July of 1994, Jupiter was hit by pieces of the Shoemaker-Levy comet. Dark areas appeared in Jupiter's atmosphere after the large pieces hit the planet.


Are we only friends?

I, for my part, have nothing more to say.

Drink some water.

You are cruel.

I went to Sendai and back without resting.

Attached you will find the VAT invoice for your recent purchase.

John is on duty today.

Japan's gold and foreign exchange reserves stood at $68.9 billion at the end of 1998, down from $77.0 billion a year earlier.

Their plans blew up when the war broke out.


I asked her to join us.


A possible explanation would be the formation of pore-like structures.

Prevention is better than cure.

You need to get ready.

Don't leave the house.

A snowflake landed on the tip of Julius's nose.

Cary was still wearing a nightgown when Shannon got to her house at noon.

The rabbits are timid.

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Ima was the one who got us into this mess.

Monday is trash day.

Living costs are getting higher.

They became citizens after receiving political asylum.

You don't seem to understand how difficult it is for young people today to believe in something.


Are you going to tell Claudia to go home, or do I have to?


Mussolini was leader of the fascist dictatorship.


He advocated abolishing death penalty distinctions.

The cake didn't turn out well because the flour was past its use-by date.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

One of the piano strings is broken.

He swam until he could swim no more.


I wish you'd quit throwing things at me.

She followed him home.

There seem to be lots and lots of stars.

Where did he have to go?

How did you make contact?

Is Part in position?

You should try the exam again.


You should read books written in English.


You'd better not keep company with him.

That football is made of genuine leather.

Excuse me, I'd like two regular size cones - one with chocolate mint, and the other with orange sherbet, please.


We must get to the bottom of this mystery.

Bring your tool box.

I'm sure a lot of people would agree with you.

The old man walked slowly.

He stood out from the rest of the boys.

Roderick has been cooperating.

Why are you acting like a child?

Would you tell him for me?

Let's meet here again tomorrow.

I'm working on the grammar.

Carol's father died before he was born and his mother died shortly after he was born.


I heard him mumble to himself.

Thanks for the cake.

Is Teriann still happy?

Is this pear green?

Cats don't like dogs.

I think we should all go outside.

I laughed in her face.

It'll take three hours to make the changes.

This table accommodated six persons.

Cory was counting the garden's flowers.

You may change your mind in a couple of weeks.

Mr. Green is a history teacher.

He thinks only about himself.

How much for the night?

He refreshed himself with a cup of tea.

I want to mend this watch.

She put the key in her bag.

It is improper to impose sanctions upon the union.

You are hopelessly, endlessly annoying.

I've never seen anything quite like this.

I'll cancel.

It's under the bed.

Turn to the right, and you'll find the hotel.

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He filled the cup to the brim.

If you want to stay a member of this club, you have to fish or cut bait.

If Scot had been here today, I would probably have seen him.

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Leon's in there.


They all voted for Sonja.

I'm not afraid to be criticized.

Winning the competition is important. However, fair play is more important. You need to understand that winning is not the most important thing.

I couldn't call you. The telephone was out of order.

Do you have a moment, Syun?


Team A lost the game against team B.

Kayvan balled his hands into fists.

You should give him another chance.

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Turkeer has lost almost 30 pounds.

I had difficulties interpreting the question.

You took advantage of me.

When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."

I forgot the can opener and could not open the can of sardines.

I told them I'm not interested.

I had the waiter bring us some coffee.


Space and Real had a pillow fight.


Did you know him well?

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Mats's French is quite good.

I'm going to try something new.

He put the entire blame on his brother.

"I work on a farm," said Jesper.

Lloyd's not a saint.

We enjoyed watching the fireworks on a bridge last summer.

Even now there are occasional aftershocks.


Julie isn't your friend.


What's the side effect?

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You will miss the train, unless you start for the station at once.

If you believe that by insulting you would solve the problem of fishermen, well, let me say, you deceive yourself.

Go and talk to them.

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Who's going to be next?

Yesterday, I got a call out of the blue from Matthias.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.


Is it true that Brendan will swim?


We value your suggestions.

The two sisters are so alike.

The practice has long been done away with.


That is plastic.

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We'd better be fast.

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Meeks might even be richer than we thought he was.


We must get there before them.

It's as good as finished.

If it's possible, why not?

The mountains are a lush green in summer.

Trevor dumped the contents of his briefcase out on the table.

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Every nation longs for world peace.


Are you done with that magazine?

John is a good friend of mine.

Cathrin showed up unannounced the other day and now we have a houseguest.


I'm afraid of nothing.

She couldn't stop smiling.

I've learned a lot about Monica.

I put her suitcase on the table.

Noam just got back from school.