Can I get your attention, please?

There are more than 150 nations in the world.

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Today my wife and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary.

He devoted his life to pursue a vision of what he wanted to create for himself and others.

Piercarlo lives in the same part of town as Tad.


i was not sleep well.


Did you enjoy the movie?

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He suggested that the meeting be put off till Monday.

I'll need some time.

I'd like to read it.

Glenn is doing that right now.

The two spotted ladybird is very rare.


Edith put the letter in his coat pocket.

I traveled around Europe.

My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.

I forgot what a handsome guy Knute is.

I can understand why Sal wouldn't want you to go to Boston by with Jose.

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He'll be here again.

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Two years ago I went to China.

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That's pretty much everything you need to know.

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You put things well.


She fell in love with a young artist.


The supervisor enforced the rules here in this factory.

Don't go to that kind of a place at night.

I met him by chance.


What are you doing here? Why aren't you home?

No one knew the song that Arthur requested.

I have so many questions.


I would like some envelopes.

They grow melons under glass.

All Frederic's friends warned her that Clarissa was only after her money.

Perhaps Bob is married.

The other committee consists of four members.

He was born within the sound of the Bow bells.

Are you telling me you are not my father?

Only three people were in the room.

Rich had to do everything himself.


I've told you about Srinivas.

This is Brian Rock.

The exception was in China, where flat bread was probably not eaten.

I wish you could've seen Joe run.

When you turn the corner, you'll find my house.

Those countries have maintained peace for twenty years.

Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.

Deb likes what he does.

The sole survivor of the crash was a baby.

I'll leave my daughter's education to you, after I'm gone.

He is able to speak five languages.


It's just a dream.


Marshall knew Walter was married.

I just don't think this is funny.

Am I seeing things?

They are trying to drive Japanese goods out of the market.

Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.


He stood up to better see the match.

I love living on campus.

Real men drink tea.

My grandmother attributes her good health to active living.

The commission concluded that the answer was no.

This makes me so angry.

You're quite mistaken.


I go to sleep at seven in the morning every Sunday.


He is very reluctant to accept the invitation.

The school is equipped with four computers.

Shut up, servant of hell!

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We can't leave them.


Rajiv started the fight.


His father is conservative and old-fashioned.

It's just so frustrating.

This is reasonably priced.


I don't need that anymore.

I never listened to her.

Apples are sold by the dozen.

My mother gets up the earliest every morning.

Do you speak Macedonian?


We drove through unfamiliar territory.

The smirking male clerk replied.

His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet.

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Tobias is too picky.

The challenges are enormous.

I want to call...


I think I fell asleep.

He was devoid of human feeling.

She greeted me with a lovely smile.


We don't have an hour.

How do I get to the post office?

This is the couple who showed me the way.


Shamim winked at Varda.

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I can't add that up.


We regret that we cannot place an order.


Go and clean up your face!


"I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?" said Scrooge.

Most scientists are contemptuous of reports that aliens from outer space have landed on the Earth.

Are you almost finished with that?

Are you going to sit with them?

Lonhyn looked like he was rich.

Let's do it for him.

We had a huge dinner.

She visited me regularly.

Do you think I don't know that?

Burr made secret deals with a number of people.

He advised him not to go there by himself.


My life is such a mess.

Should we run for it?

When was the last time you took out the garbage?


Kathryn has been putting on weight recently.

I'm using the same book as you are.

I like to listen to music.


Is there something wrong with your car?

Carole says he has actually seen a ghost.

Your brother is the best in our school.

I heard you guys whispering.

We want to buy a house in Boston.

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How many likes did you get?

He took off her clothes.

We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.


I think that I was a princess in a past life.

Albert is a sloppy painter.

Vincenzo has always known that he would eventually run his father's business.

Lying is second nature to him.

Barney didn't know where the fire extinguisher was.

Getting your letter with your photo put me in seventh heaven.

He's been a patron of this store for many years.

He has set down everything that happened.

One of these fine days he will get his just deserts.


Andrea went up to the stage and presented the next artist.

The quality of their products has gone down over the years.

It comes as two courses.

There was once a girl who trod on a loaf to avoid soiling her shoes, and the misfortunes that happened to her in consequence are well known.

I don't want to participate in the ceremony.

I spent fifty dollars to get my dog neutered.

Laurie is going bird watching next weekend.

Theodore read stories to Lester every night.

I don't see what the big deal is.


Perhaps Cecilia will leave.

Were you drunk last night?

Lawrence seems determined.

I'm not like him!

Harold doesn't have the right to say that.

Ask Rajesh to apologize to Jeanette.

We all love them.

He's the sole breadwinner for the family.

His new film is worth seeing.

I have nothing to worry about.

How long will you be in Korea?

What's so fun about taking pictures of trains?

You shouldn't rely on other people's help.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Mayo didn't show up on time.

He addressed a large audience.

The answer is yes.

I know Felix's wife.

A leopard never changes his spots.

Can someone answer the telephone?


Are you sisters?

I need to see you now.

It does not become you to complain.

I just want some bacon, that's all.

What is the English for "kaisha"?

I've never even shot a gun.

Deborah told me you used to live in Australia.