If you are tired just let me know.


She ignored her mother's advice.

You are sick and bedridden.

If only Knut would keep his big mouth shut!

Sam was still a bachelor at that time.

They hit the mark three times.


Moran didn't know how much he had spent.

The house could accommodate two families.

Just as I was asking her to marry me, an impudent fellow jumped in.

I've never ever been arrested.

Wes said he didn't want to speak in French.

Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the pitch was muddy and difficult to play on.

I've made my choice.

I am an intermediary who introduces business.

Evidence that Harrison did not intend this work to be a parody can be seen in his letter to Mrs. Evans.

This cola has gone flat and doesn't taste good.

That used to belong to me.

When the hour for departure drew near the old mother went to her bedroom, and taking a small knife she cut her fingers till they bled; then she held a white rag under them, and letting three drops of blood fall into it, she gave it to her daughter, and said: "Dear child, take great care of this rag: it may be of use to you on the journey."

The ball was wet.


"I think Belgium is a better team and will win the match tomorrow." "Maybe so."

If you were Barney, which would you choose?

Rainy season has begun.

You saw nothing.

No flying from fate.


That's a horrible idea.


When he returned home, he shut himself in his room.

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Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer.

Here we are finally at the airport.

Dignity doesn't cost anything, but I'm the only one who truly possesses it!

The truth is I don't like her.

"I believe you like your job" "On the contrary, I hate it".

I cannot iron my clothes. I have no iron.

The little girl danced, with her eyes shining.


I've been told your name.

Day after day, the dog sat waiting for his master in front of the station.

They like nobody and nobody likes them.

Do you remember talking to Danielle?

I'm sure Angus told you I would be here.


Susan doesn't eat Italian food very often.

How does it benefit a person to be beautiful?

That's quite an accomplishment.

"You're another" is a hallowed rejoinder to playground taunts.

They kept the plan among themselves.


A newborn baby is liable to fall ill.

This ticket is valid for three months.

The United States is a country of immigrants.

Indra was always different from the other kids.

Is there something special about the way Emma does that?


I don't like this at all.

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Nobody knows where he has gone.


This hotel does not take dogs.

Is that better?

I can't find what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it.

Can I get your number?

There's free food.

When you remember your own crimes, you forget another's.

Did you eat your spinach?

They asked me with which countries I would like to correspond.


She lies to you all the time.

Stanly is sure things will work out.

I don't understand why it happened.


Where should I put my bags?

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This mountain is difficult to climb.


You answered by yourself.

I like this much better.

Do not open while the train is in motion.

You ought to have apologized to her.

Linda and I had a deal.

She owns a large mansion.

I just need to pace myself.


Do you think Toby is uninteresting?


Do you only sell clothes?

The water turned into ice.

These letters can be typed by any secretary.

The wall from which Humpty Dumpty fell is not the Great Wall of China.

You're touching me.


Our class is a small one.

This is romantic.

Please call on me when it is convenient for you.

With being in the trade, I am able to get goods at a discount.

It's now a habit.

Many children don't like eating spinach.

I'll teach Per.

Who's going to drive me to the airport?

Virtually all of the Americans were in favor of the decision.

He is always busy feathering his own nest.

Show me what you bought.

This room is for rent.

The townspeople were astonishingly naive about what the smugglers were.


It's much warmer today.

Can I pick you up?

Please!! I need a pub!

I am not your love.

How would you describe me?

Go and tell him.

She was elected chairman of the committee.


Caleb loves to be around people.


She is thinking of suing as a last resort.


That day was a Sunday, so there was no school.

Sergio threw his knife at Kirsten.

Admiration is our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves.


I'm going to put this in the car.

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You may be surprised to receive this letter.

I'm finished here.

It was a real pleasure to work with Dean.


Rand is pregnant, can't you tell?

You can read a lot more than you think you can.

We need twenty eggs all told.

I feel like speaking Italian!

Come on, I will beat you.


The stadium was flooded with baseball fans.

Got up at six, and left home at seven.

The door opened, and the man walked out.

The auditorium is filled to capacity with anxious applicants.

I'm sure it costs a pretty penny. I'll pass.


Let's leave now.

Dory hid her face in her hands.

I knew that Walt wouldn't be able to find a job.


How much is this going to cost me?

Ning says he'll never go again.

The water was lukewarm.


Rolfe was abducted in public.

The income tax rate increases in proportion to the salary increase.

That's really distressing.

You've got my full cooperation.

I'm already on it.

This watch is similar to mine I lost yesterday.

I am sure everything will turn out all right in the end.

I hope you'll enjoy the concert.

Joel isn't yet able to write his own name.


It's mean of you to talk that way.


I think we'll probably reach Boston before dark.

Do you hear any sound?

We are sick.

Tell Sal we want to talk with him.

We're going to play handball.

Saumya is still thinking about whether he should go or not.

Please don't be upset with me.

This trip will become a pleasant memory.

I thought you two wanted to work together.


First, we will present a petition to the mayor and collect signatures.


Why don't atheists believe in God?


I love spending time with her.

Mara won't back off.

Jean didn't intend to call Sid.

This is Ramneek's cat.

The ship was not damaged.


You always have a choice.

Colin isn't quite ready to do what you're asking him to do.

No matter what you say, waseieigo is Japanese.

Collin can't read.

Ask him if he can speak Japanese.

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Claudio stirred the spaghetti sauce while his mother set the table.


I think our work here is done.

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A great ship asks deep waters.

I should've asked Jem for permission.

It seems that you don't want me to succeed.


Did you hear what they were saying?