I owe you thirty thousand.

I just need you to come with me.

But (I suspect) that is not difficult.

I washed my own shirts.

This time you went too far.

"Kenji's in hospital?" "That's a real pisser..."

May I see the telephone directory?

A lot can happen in a year.

Honzo became scared as soon as he saw the robber's knife.

Bruno met with an accident.

I know this from bitter experience.

You can't make bricks without straw.

We have more work to do.

And the more we participate in our yearly congresses, the more we associate, and the more the principles of the Green Ensign will penetrate our souls.


Sometimes I wish I had a different religion.


It's a lot less likely for a Macintosh computer to have a virus than a computer running Windows.

His casual chauvinism was highly off-putting.

Americans are said to regard the amount of money a man makes as a criterion of his ability.

We actually have four legs.

The paint was a little hard, so it had to be stirred.

I know that he is watching me.

People with low self-esteem tend to interpret everything in a negative way.

I should've anticipated that Lana wouldn't get along with Clyde.

What are you two fighting about?

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Edwin thought that Laurie would like this movie.

Maybe that's the real problem.

It is not always easy to separate right from wrong.


Think didn't seem to notice that Shuvra was there.

The girl likes the music.

Louiqa had to wait for Ariel.

I have never had sincere friendships.

We are different heights. He is taller than me.


Miek couldn't think of anything else to try.

Nixon was about to become president.

I am willing to bet that that particular segment of the population did not vote for him.


He kept quiet. I thus conclude that he agrees.

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The earth is smaller than the sun.


This book is full of mistakes.

There can be no friendship without trust.

I didn't want to do it.

He's pushing fifty.

Jean-Christophe became Roman's business partner.

There are more people living in towns and cities.

I hope to see you again the next time you're in Boston.

My friend name is SWATI

I like the warm sea around Okinawa.

It was very cold, so we stayed at home.

Life is a long and winding road.

That was three weeks ago.

That's rubbish.


A web site may be created in an intranet, a local or private cloud, or a virtual private network. A Web site is for the world.


Their plot to start a fire was discovered by the police.


This day has been exceptionally tiring.

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I'm learning Spanish.

I am a Christian.

I don't know whether to accept or refuse.

Joe was pleased at the thought of going to New York.

I want to not say hi.


You used to tell me everything.

What's your favorite poem?

In fact, a group of their ancestors peopled a continent on the planet Earth about 250 000 of your Earth years ago.

It looks amazing.

Cherries are red.


He worked mainly as a freelancer.


I visited him recently.

The Romans forced onto the people they defeated, among other things, their language.

We are soul friends.

I need everyone to continue performing admirably.

He advised caution.

It was hard to make this decision.

If you were to hear him speak French, you would take him for a Frenchman.

How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone?

Where did you buy that? I also want one.

The earthquake brought about disaster.

Where does he practice law?

We don't care about the money.

You've asked me that three times already.

How I'd like to be with you!

Can somebody get Prakash a drink?

Hume cut the rope with his knife.

There's not enough water.


Who wrote to him?

I cannot appreciate the subtleties of the subject.

Ira doesn't watch TV at all.

Our request was approved.

He is sincere about what he says.

Come here, you two.

The spotlight is on.

Nicolo and Jarl broke up last week.

I went to Sendai and back without resting.

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Are you still thinking that you'd like the job?

I can't forget the scent of his hair.

Deirdre is only three months old.

By such means the Vietnamese soldiers succeeded in making a devastating strike against the fighting spirit of the powerful American military machine's troops.

Tell it to somebody else.

There is neither contingency nor free will.

That's what I'm worried about.

How long is your spring vacation?

I'm afraid we won't be able to help you tomorrow.


The more we learn, the more we forget.

Why can't you just call them?

I want you to forget everything you saw today.

At Wimbledon there are now special electronic machines to judge the serves.

I am eating rice.


One of the most beautiful art collections in the world is at the Louvre.

I am filled with admiration for your bravery.

He was amazed at the news.

Don't tell me to shut up.

Danny and Leila told nobody about the wedding.


I prefer low heels.

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This'll only take a minute.

Sandeep had his picture taken by Hartmann.

I like history.

I can't see anything. The windshield is very dirty.

Klaus plans to be more careful in the future.


"You'd better come in," the man said.

Lana is better at speaking French than you think he is.

Peter came in your absence.

Hand in hand heaviness becomes lightness.

I've told you so a hundred times.

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Lynne waved at Kiki from the helicopter.

Anatoly divorced her husband long enough ago.

I want things the way they were.


We adjourned the meeting for lunch.


It seems that certain operations cannot take place.

Why can't you believe that?

May I look at your passport?

An urgent telegram brought her hurrying back to Tokyo.

I have a lot of friends who are native speakers, so I've had a lot of experience speaking with native speakers.

It's the same.

Don't go in there, it's a dead-end street.


The sculptor belongs to the Renaissance school.

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How can Socorrito do that?


Are you mentally ill?


My family is not very large.

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I'm afraid I won't be going.

They filmed the entire ceremony.

That river flows into the Pacific.

Catherine is very photogenic.

You can't keep secrets from me.

You'll die in jail.

Did you swim in the waters of awesomeness when younger?


We must decide.

How many arms does a squid have?

I can't think of anyone better suited for the job than Trey.

Not every lamp is magic.

I know who my enemies are.


He is seeing one of his secretaries behind his wife's back.


He said, "I want to be a doctor."

Manolis got out of the shower and put his clothes back on.

Does he like me?

Ueno is the station after next.

He was dirty and ugly, half-frozen and half-starved; he always looked as if he never had enough to eat, which was really the case.

Her explanation of the problem made no sense.

Everything happened just the way I thought it would.

You should've left him alone.

Carlo has a 3-year-old son.

The new system comes into force from next month.

She is quite ignorant of the world.

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We're mature.

When will her marriage ceremony be held?

I fought my hardest.

What to you want to say to me?

We're in control.


Are you sure you're ready for this?