"Réserve Royale is a luxury handcrafted Belgian beer of the XXIst century :
a blend of tradition and modern vision"

Handcrafted in the Kingdom of Belgium with a perfect knowledge of advanced traditional techniques, a surprising blend of rare ingredients of the highest quality and a pioneering spirit as its foundation.

The Beer

La Réserve Royale “Blonde” is the essence of our savoir-faire. This beer of brilliant gold straw colour is a very clean and balanced artisanal blonde beer with a great aromatic profile of Belgian origins. The top-fermentation and the refermentation in the bottle bring out a rich and creamy mouthfeel with intense flavours of floral hops that perfectly blend with subtle touches of yeast.

Produced using 100% Belgian and local ingredients, Réserve Royale ‘Blonde’ was created at a pioneering brewery in northern Belgium. It is brewed from the best malts in the world and a blend of aromatic hops produced by small family operations that place the emphasis on quality and tradition. Unlike industrial beers that are produced by bottom fermentation, Réserve Royale is brewed by top fermentation – a traditional technique that is seen as a sign of quality and is easily recognisable to connoisseurs. Once bottled, the beer is fermented again for 20 days in a dark, humid room heated to 25°C. The bottles are then left to rest in cool surroundings to complete the beer maturation process.

Réserve Royale winner of a Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards 2016

Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards 2016
“Best Belgian-style blonde” 

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Gravure Réserve Royale