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On Valentine's Day we launched our “Respect and Dignity for All” platform that outlines the policies that our communities need to achieve justice and equity ❤️. Immigrant New Yorkers are asking Gov. Cuomo and the State Legislature to support policies protecting immigrant communities in the Trump era. Check out the report.

burying ground

Aliadxs is a decentralized network of allies committed to using their skills, privileges, and resources to support Make the Road’s communities. Aliadxs grew out of this new political moment as more New Yorkers are seeking organizing opportunities where they can follow the strategies and campaigns of those most directly impacted. Read more...

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Together, we are unstoppable! In the past few months, with your tremendous support, we’ve mobilized like never before. Thank you for responding to our call and joining 30,000 New Yorkers to protest Trump's anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant policies. Our fight back costs money -- from equipment rentals to lawyer time -- and we need your help to keep it going.


Need a Know Your Rights (KYR) workshop or materials? apply here.

Know Your Rights!
Make the Road New York has recently launched a Deportation Defense manual that helps immigrant New Yorkers stand up against senseless enforcement. The manual goes in depth into the rights of undocumented immigrants, how to provide support to detained community members, and how to harness community power and create effective organizing campaigns to stop someone's deportation. The manual has been a great success and we have trained more than 2,500 New Yorkers since its launch. 920-647-5052


Donald Trump has made the despicable decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and put the lives of 800,000 immigrant youth and their families at risk. We feared this day would come but are also ready to fight back! 5106567517 with our allies in response to Trump's cruel announcement. We are standing united against this and all other white supremacist attacks. Click here to be connected to your member of Congress and demand they take action to protect young immigrants and their families! Read more...


HUGE news! Gov. Cuomo signed an executive order preventing New York State agencies from gathering and sharing the immigration status of New Yorkers with whom they come into contact. This is an enormous victory for Make the Road New York, whose members have been organizing and advocating for this policy for more than a decade, and for our incredible allies! (909) 657-4659


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Bloomberg 03-12-2018
By Shelly Hagan
City Limits 03-08-2018
By Maria Rubio
City Limits 03-08-2018
By Maria Rubio
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WNYC Public Radio 03-07-2018
By Beth Fertig