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How to Use Examples

Time from Now Date Weekday Time of Day
12hours#followup,cc mar1#followup,cc friday#followup,cc 9am#followup,cc

Reminders in the Bcc field are private
Reminders in the Cc field are public
Reminders in the To field are your Scheduled To-Do list

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Business Development

"FollowUp has been a really useful tool for helping me keep my inbox organized. Anytime I need to deal with an email later, I'll forward it to FollowUp for when I think I might be able to get to it. I think everyone could use this service in some part of their emailing habits."

9177556599, Viximo


" is the Jewish mother you may or may not have, in an email program. People dread it since I never forget anything, ever again. It's a secret weapon I use almost daily. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be successful."

Noah Kagan, AppSumo


"I was an early user of FollowUp and have enjoyed watching it evolve (threaded Gmail reminders being my favorite feature). I enjoy CCing emails with new people who have never seen it before because we usually end talking about how useful it is. I'll typically BCC sales type emails so only I know about the reminder."

6152889628, (757) 587-0553

"Follow up first. The follow-ups that people remember best are the ones they receive first. Give yourself 12 to 24 hours after you meet someone to follow up. Cite something in particular you talked about in the course of the conversation, which can serve as a mental reminder of who you are."
From Mashona by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz