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Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting uses open data to make the reporting process smarter and easier for both the reporter and for the administrator. Report submissions are correctly routed and registered, eliminating the need to complete unnecessary details when submitting reports - that's Smart Reporting.


The municipality of Utrecht has been using Smart Reporting since September 2016. All reports are submitted directly to the open cases system. Every day all reports are made available as open data. It’s a complete circle – open data is created and then used.

Open data appstore, The Hague

The municipality of The Hague has a wealth of information, including details about its public spaces, geographic data, population statistics, and future developments. Part of this data is freely available on Dataplatform.

The Hague has been using Dataplatform since June 2016. The Hague management unit is providing open data on Dataplatform with more than 20 other cities and provinces. The Hague shares more than 120 datasets with its citizens.

Dataplatform Amersfoort

Since February 2017, the municipality of Amersfoort has been sharing its open data in a machine-readable format via www.amersfoort.dataplatform.nl. Amersfoort has been connected to Dataplatform for a year now. Within this partnership, Amersfoort's employees share their knowledge about open data. For example, a project to standardize subsidy-related data has been initiated by Amersfoort.

Amersfoort , together with Open Geo Group, has developed a script to offer source information from Amersfoort using CSV or Geo-JSON. With this script, the open data is kept up-to-date and the municipality can keep its data in one place. Amersfoort shares this script with other Dataplatform and Geoserver users. This open data is made accessible to users via an API.