He found a broken camera.

All of a thief's roads leads to prison.

This is the first time I've ever peeled potatoes.

If we let our reasoning power be overshadowed by our emotions, we would be barking up the wrong tree all the time.

Harmon's French is steadily getting better.

I'd like to eat breakfast with you.


My university friend is against terror.

She bought two dozen eggs.

British scientists have established that if you turn the flag of Japan upside down, you get the flag of Japan.

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I hope I can be a worthy student.

I differ from you on that point.

I'm not having a good day.

I heard that Suzanne loves classical music.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

It's my job, you know.

You might be surprised.

I started dating Lynnette.

I can barely understand what he's saying.

He is careful about his manners.

You'll have to handle it by yourself.

Trevor stopped speaking.

The knower and the known are one. Simple people imagine that they should see God as if he stood there and they here. This is not so. God and I, we are one in knowledge.

Can you wait ten minutes?

They satisfied their thirst at the spring.

This is a desk.

The anthropologist is piecing together pottery shards she unearthed at the excavation site.

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I waited for the bus.

Anthony doesn't stand a chance of winning.

There are no shops near my house.


I bought that off eBay.

How long ago did Liyuan leave?

We've still got a long way to go.

If you have nothing to do, why not read a book?

Even though it's against company policy, Eugene and Kerri kiss and hug every time they meet.

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To buy books would be a good thing if we could also buy the time to read them; as it is, the mere act of purchasing them is often mistaken for the assimilation and mastering of their contents.

Give me the knife and let me slice the bread.

I am Spanish.

He spoke to me on behalf of the company.

He raised his hat when he saw me.

I hardly ever see you anymore.

As the young man's car was close to the fence, Miss Baker had to drive up beside it on the other side, where the girl was sitting.

Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.

See how they run!


I don't see why it's such a big deal.

Valeria wanted Jean to understand why he had to leave.

I'm so grateful to you for this opportunity.

These bank employees seem so politely insolent lately. I wonder what's behind it.

I was in the hospital a few days ago.

I don't have the patience for this.

I should like to see the room.

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What heading does this book come under?

The primary aim of science is to find truth, new truth.

How far gone are you?


The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.

I have to go to the airport to meet my family.

That boy over there looks about the same age as you.

Bonnie fell to the ground.

This newspaper office is famous in local people.


We swam for a few hours.


Don't touch this with your dirty hands.

It won't take me long.

Two cars were in an accident.

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They haven't understood the question.

They were dancing to the music.

Dan was cooperative with the police.

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He is so honest that I can count on him.

I wish I had the ability to do that.

It's a book on computer logic.

It wasn't a total loss.

What was that you just did?


The soldiers fired.

Good wine gladdens the heart.

There were only three of us.

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Clay was threatened with a knife on the street at night by an unfamiliar man and robbed of his money.


Come even if you'll be late.

Tony tried to start the car.

"Was there anybody in the room?" "No, there was nobody there."

What do you desire?

We're very excited about that.

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I love fried bananas.

Superconductivity occurs when a metal loses all resistance to the flow of an electric current.

I'm meeting him in ten minutes.

Guilt is written all over your face.

Clarence is still looking out the window.

True or false?

The police thoroughly searched the house.

The hand has five fingers: the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger, and the pinky.

Jay sold his house for $300,000.

The war is draining our economy.

Raman wanted Mohammad to come over for an early dinner.

The rain is teeming down.

Would you mind if I ask you a question?

My grandfather lived till he was eighty-nine.

It all happened so suddenly.

The girls don't like that song.

There is a storm.

The dishwasher's broken.

The train left two hours ago.


The marauders laid waste to the town and surrounding villages.

Torsten didn't say where he went.

He has led a loose life.

It's not something I'm proud of.

Soohong called me last night.


Where are you from anyway?

The bank avoided taking any decision.

This house is said to be haunted.


Tell her that I am angry with her.

Right-click here to download the file to your computer.

"How's life been treating you?" "I can't complain."


If only my thoughts were set into type and would come out of my mouth like a receipt.

They played so badly it doesn't even deserve a comment.

The Sahara Desert is almost as large as Europe.


It is cold outside today.

Did you listen to the MP3 file I sent you?

If you add one hundred to one thousand, you get eleven hundred.

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Did you go to church today?

I cannot mention Taninna's name in presence of her father!

Huashi kept working despite her illness.

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Do I have to be hospitalized?


Have you learned cooking or anything?

I'm completely wrecked.

You're mocking me, aren't you?


I stopped buying newspapers in paper form a few years ago already; I only read them in electronic format.

Marek plants sunflowers every spring.

This region has completely changed.


The town was infected by the virus and is now quarantined.

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I'm slightly worried about him.

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Irwin went out of his way to help me.

Izchak will be back.

Page seems satisfied.

Clear up the cause.

I crossed the river by boat.

I'm poor.

I don't care about profit.

Give egg so that you receive ox.

You live freely if you don't have a reputation to lose.

Tahsin can't be held responsible for this.

Did you make that all by yourself?

Claudio called tech support for help.

Michiel is wearing clothes that are too big for him.

It was Izzy's greatest wish to look just like her Barbie doll. The evil genie interpreted this wish too literally.

I was in better shape back then.

I'm pretty sure she likes me.

Despite her foreboding, Corey entered the cellar.


We will visit you.

Sriram strode into the office.

I can't put up with his behavior any longer.

Martyn will pick me up after school.

Henry is doing very well at school.

But did they watch the match?

We are familiar with the name of the place.

I wonder what Rand has done now.

Miles is exceptional.

Please hurry up.

It is a town of no character.

Your dog is still barking at me.

I'm pretty sure that Rabin is guilty.

Brent is in the mess hall.

We'll get a keg of beer for the party.

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I gave up running for president.

Give me a heads-up if you hear anything!

I want to get out of the car and stretch.


The sun is much larger than the moon.

Did you get what I sent you?

Jeany wiped the bloody knife on his shirt.


You need to stay here.

Streetcars run on electricity.

I need you to tell me what you know about Tracy.