The dumber the white man is, the more the black man looks dumb to him.

The gown is made of silk.


Was there anything else you wanted me to do?


Situation seems to be the mould in which men's characters are formed.


As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.


I never have had occasion to use it.

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Jeannie desperately needs to find a job.

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At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach out for the ballot.

Hummus is a dip or spread made from chickpeas.

I know you care about me, too.


My partner and I have been winning every game today.

Jisheng has another half an hour of work to do before he can go home.

The bus was awfully crowded.

Stand by for my signal.

Enjoy the life!


I can't believe I just hugged you.

Both my father and I went to the museum for the first time.

When would you like to begin?

I'm sure Johann was just too busy to come.

Professor Goto directed my graduate work.


It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.

You don't love me!

They've had plenty of time.

I'm thankful to you for your helping me with my homework.

I had a good dream last night.

Excuse me, sorry mate, you haven't got the time have you?

I have a lot to learn.

I've caught a cold and my head hurts.

She put out the light before she went to bed.

The story turned out to be true.

Once selected to join the astronaut corps, training begins at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

She is a most beautiful lady.

She never lets her beliefs get in the way of her duty.

I don't have a garden.

She may well be said to think of everything in terms of money.

At this beer hall, you can order beers up to one liter in size.

Nick said that he wasn't angry.

Kill him, before he runs away!

A square has four equal sides.

From the castle we could see the whole curve of the river around its base.

They're not French.

I can't swim any further.

Your word puts me in fear of death.

I saw you guys talking to them.

Does someone here speak French?

Take anything you want.

While I was waiting for the bus, I witnessed a traffic accident.


I can't be pushed off the path because I don't know where I'm going.

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The police is searching for an escaped prisoner.

Get them away from me.

What exactly have you got in mind?

I just wanted to get here as fast as possible.

This is an electrical appliance.

Vick said he didn't know anything about the robbery.

He made up his mind to be a fireman.

She would often go to the theater when she was in London.

Let me direct that question to Dr. Trey.

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I want to have this old coat made over.

Nobody could tell them anything.

Nils drank too much.

A kitten was born.

I have mucus coming out of my eyes.

He told me that he was busy.

The water in this river is very clean.

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I'd like to thank you for helping me translate the report into French.

Do we have to pay?

It's time for us to get a move on.

I don't think I'll be able to translate this document without your help.

Could you help me for just a minute?

He will be a good doctor.

Not everyone is dishonest.


I'm beginning to feel a little hungry.

I can read English, but I can't speak it.

Serdar just told me that he doesn't plan to help us paint our house.

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He had no idea what she was talking about.


If there be fear, it would cause failure.

I'm on my own.

Byron smiled helplessly.

His health has been getting worse since the accident.

He is to blame for it.

I didn't know that.

Don't talk to anyone about this.

I think we have a good chance of winning.

Shouldn't we be friends?

Lorenzo has excellent taste.

Does Rogue know you're coming?

Elric even looked behind the door.

You need to write more neatly.


I don't want you to go hungry.

I've never sung this before.

I hope you're joking.

We were clueless.

The circus has come to town.

Pantelis didn't seem to notice that Margaret was there.

Old people look back on the past too much.

He traveled all over Europe.

Thanks for sticking around until my father got home.

Meeks volunteered a good deal of his time to helping those less fortunate than himself.

Why didn't they go?

Bert likes cheese.

It is not decent to laugh at another's troubles.


This watch is real bargain.

I know you're probably mad about what I said yesterday.

I prefer patients who can't talk.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

I will lend you what little money I have now.

They both looked back at Agatha.

I need paper for a printer.

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Our research indicates that such outcomes are becoming more common in this age group.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your time.


I have no family.

Has anybody ever thought of this?

Would you like to trade jobs?


She's not young, is she?

Briggs doesn't feel comfortable talking about his feelings.

What countries formed the Axis Powers in World War II?

When I came to, I was in the hospital.

He embezzled public money.

I can't speak for her.

"It's good to see you." "It's good to see you, too."

I broke the marriage vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

She can't be away on holiday.


As long as it doesn't spoil the weekend!

Where did you get that document?

I met Ariel on my way home from school.


You seem pretty certain that Dani won't be here.

Eric and Frances took a long walk through the countryside.

The idea never came into my head.

Evan quite often eats out.

Jim has learned to like Japan.

Open the window.

I should've been with her.

Sometimes I like a lie-in until noon on Sunday mornings.

I hadn't thought of it like that.


They have been here for an hour.

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Dan and Linda stopped talking to each other.

Most rivers flow to the sea.

I was very happy with that.

I wonder what they have in store for us under the big top?

Let's remember the good times.

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Jerry always wants to do everything by himself.

Lloyd could've invited me.

Kick misery out the door and it will return through the window.

I got up a minute ago.

He was excited to see the beautiful scenery.

The Nikkei Stock Average lost nearly 200 points to close yesterday at 18,000.

Courage, my friends!

Find me a glass.

I've seen them all.

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Do you believe this has any use?

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He is after a better job.

How about using disposable droppers?

I have to plant trees in the garden.


While I was dreaming, a woman in a white robe appeared to me.


He's hiding something.


You may be right about that.

This huge dam is an incredible fit of construction.

They can come on Monday or Tuesday, but not on Wednesday or Thursday.

I already know that Jayesh doesn't like me.

I like it already, thank you very much.

Let's get with it.

A truly great man is always modest.

This is going to be a good show.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

Go to the barber's to have your hair cut.

Jim pointed out some grammatical mistakes in my composition.

He leaped out of bed.

Tollefsen threatened Shyam with his gun.