2nd Annual
McKenzie Market Night

May 24th, 5:30pm - 8:00pm, Old Gymnasium, McKenzie High School

The Event

Join us for the second annual McKenzie Market Night! Shop from a variety of original products created by the students of Mr. Culp’s Entrepreneurship/Marketing Class. Each student will have a booth representing their business with their products for sale, and all profits will go into a scholarship fund for each student. Find more information on the students businesses and products by clicking the links at the top of the event website.


You can purchase items at Market Night by using cash, check (made out to McKenzie High School) or credit card. We will have a centrally located cashier to handle all money transactions.

Below is an outline of how the purchasing process will work:

  1. Visit vendor and select item to purchase
  2. Vendor will fill out a product purchase slip and give to customer
  3. Vendor will set aside product to be purchased
  4. Take purchase slip to centrally located cashier and pay for product
  5. Cashier will make your product slip paid
  6. Return paid slip to vendor and receive product

Background Information

In the summer of 2016 Mr. Culp decided to take a more project based approach to his Entrepreneurship and Marketing classes. He wasn't satisfied with the previous attempts at having student create mock businesses and felt it would be best if they created an actual business with a real product. This concept ended up being a success for the 2016-17 school year. A total of eleven students created their products and earned total sales of over $1000 at the first Market Night.

The whole process of creating the business and product takes places over the entire school year in both the Entrepreneurship and Marketing classes. The business idea and prototype are developed during the first semester in the Entrepreneurship class. Then the marketing and advertising plan is created during the second semester in the Marketing class. Finally, a detailed business plan is created from a combination of both classes and the products are made by the students and sold at Market Night near the end of the second semester.

Scholarship Information

All of the profits earned by each student will go into an individual scholarship account. Scholarships will be paid to the student upon graduation or transfer from McKenzie. Students have the opportunity to use their profits to get reimbursed for expenses from the project.

The first Market Night was an overall success for the students by generating over $1000 in sales, which amounts to over $100 per student. After reimbursing for expenses, the eleven students brought in over $900 in profits that put an average of over $80 into each student's scholarship account.