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Tired of having your POS solution and your payment processor moving in different directions? At Seamless we have a track record of successful integrations for small to enterprise merchants.

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Payment processing is rapidly evolving and our team of experts are ready to help you. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, we have a solution to fit your specific needs. Whatever you’re looking for in a payment processing, Seamless is your answer.

Payment Gateway

Modern, Secure with Multiple entry points including online

Virtual Terminal

Manually process mail/phone order (MOTO) & issue credits

EMV Terminal

Secure, P2P encrypted modern EMV terminal for instore transactions

Gift and loyalty

Seamless giftcard and loyalty programs with your POS account

Apple Pay

Process NFC, Apple pay, Samsung pay & G Pay seamless

Hosted Payments

Seamless and Secure Custom "Pay Now" buttons for integrations


Tokenization adds a layer of security to your POS process by replacing sensitive card information with random data, known as a token. Every token generated and assigned is unique, and useless if intercepted by a hacker.


P2P Encryption

Send encrypted data securely through internet using properitery keys which is not easily hackable.


Fraud Prevention

Secure systems and best practices to protect yours and your customer data



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