CSS animation & Lottie

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To animate things at the web there are many forms (css, canvas, etc), but depending on the case not all are the best solution, especially the case of the canvas that becomes very heavy processing depending on what we are going to draw or animate on the screen. Keep in mind that a lot of […]


Why beauty matters

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Written by: Adri Matamoros | Cover photo by Bansky Design can feel super intimidating when you feel more comfortable with code and don’t have a background in design. But the truth is, you should never fear creativity. Design is about taking risks. And it is more important than we think: in a world that places function […]


Android Location Tracking

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  The next post aims to give some important information about the location tracking services on an Android App while in the background. Now, the question is… Why only on the background? Well, because recently Google has made some updates on the location services and in another hand Android has some new OS like Oreo […]



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  Logical execution order First we must understand what is the logical execution order of a sql query. When you write a series of commands within a query sql, these commands are divided by a logical processing phase. Each phase generates a series of virtual tables that feed the next phase. Of course, these virtual […]



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TLDR in this entry I try to explain 6 patterns to define/write React components, which are: stateful component, stateless component, container component, high-order component, render prop component y compound component. This blog is the written complement of the techtalk with the same name. I’ve been working with React as the FrontEnd technology in my own projects for a year, […]

Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcement Learning

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Reinforcement Learning is an area of machine learning that has a blind agent, the work of the agent is to explore the environment and learn. It is mainly applied to video games and the agent learns through every episode. The episodes substitute the “Training set” and at the end of  each episode the agent receives […]


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When a database table grows very large, it gets difficult to query it efficiently, manage it, make it available and load balance it. A solution for this problem is to use a process called table partitioning. In this process, very large tables are divided into multiple smaller parts. By doing this, queries that access only a […]


Personal and Family Budget

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Elaborating a family or personal budget is of the outmost importance, it’s the only way to really undestand the financial reality of the individual or family, healthy finances are everybody’s goal, to make it a reality it’s fundamental to know the next terms. Budget: Set of expenses and expected income for a certain period of […]