By the way, you're not the first foreigner who finds fault with this phrase, but it sounds quite natural to me.

Because he couldn't kill me, I killed him.

They are in grave danger.


I enjoyed myself as a tourist but felt that I had to get down to business.


I'd like you to send me your Lingala book.

Didn't your parents teach you anything?

Let's do this first.

I am offended by your blatant disregard for my feelings.

Kristin and John look like brothers.


Would you mind clearing up a few points for me?

He finally comes out after all these years.

Wait a moment.

I have a strong conviction that our judgement was right.

I wish I could understand what you're saying.

Your room is ready.

Israel knows this is the truth.


I wonder where Pamela is spending his vacation.

This knife doesn't cut well.

I haven't done that.

Which solution is the best?

These are the results.

I like to listen to you when you speak.

We will buy bread.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel agreed to continue consultations both in the bilateral format (through the two nations' Foreign Ministries) and multilaterally to promote the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

The dream has come true.

We're looking forward to it.

Intoxication is what happens when the brain is affected by certain stimulants.

We all went to the party except Joe.

You speak wonderfully. Would you like to hear yourself?

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I go out after dinner.


Have you ever milked a cow?

The workers are striking for better pay.

What are some good sources of protein?

I wasn't permitted to see Case.

At first, I didn't know what to do.


My sister jogs every day.

That's a very important achievement.

I didn't know this kind of a thing existed.

I'd like an opportunity to explain my plan.

Where are those prisoners?

There is a show tomorrow.

The house is heated by solar energy.

Mexico is bordered on the north by the United States.

Everything's ready.

I play tennis every day.

Do you know where your kids are right now?

There's no need for an apology.

I'm not certain that I can trust Erik.

Have another drink.

The man ate the bread.


Would you give me a cup of coffee?

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By the way, have you done your homework?

This suitcase is too heavy for you.

Matthieu didn't even know that Seymour was gone.

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I thought my son was being quite sneaky lately. Sure enough, I spotted him uploading a picture of himself cross-dressing and in makeup to a blog.

I'm going to leave one night earlier than I had planned to.

Emily and his grandmother went to the bookstore.

Al and Jelske just wanted to dance with each other all evening.

Carole should've apologized instantly.


Giles lifted the box.

Why would Celeste have any problem getting along with Stanley?

This sentence is redundant.

"How was the survival camp?" "I hated it. I only lasted two days."

Have you told your parents yet?

Brush your teeth clean.

I'm not driving anywhere.

As I was at a loss what to do, I asked my teacher for advice.

I'm sure your efforts will result in success.


He abstains from alcohol.


We meet at last, Ralph.

I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow.

She recollected the first day when she went to school.

Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.

Can you speak French at all?

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I'm sorry, but I must insist. I have to talk to him.

They're both wearing uniforms.

Please do not add your tweets from Twitter as a sentence to Tatoeba!

Please don't smoke inside.

Both Kitty and Nils live in Boston.


What are you going to do with this camera?


I would rather have a cat than a dog.

You can speak in Chinese. Lily will translate for me.

Could you send someone up to make the bed?


Ric is sleeping over at a friend's house.

We were really down.

Good eating habits are essential.

I don't want Morton to stay up late.

Donovan fired once.

You need to spend time with Trent.

David borrowed my ruler.

Matters are getting worse and worse.

Bill is equal to the task of running the firm.


I wasn't asking you.


I'm surprised and disappointed.

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The fridge is empty.

He acted as if she had ordered him to do the threshing.

Have you been staying out of trouble?

Major seems to be afraid of just about everything.

I don't care whether he is rich or not!


Is it possible to borrow money?


I can't be certain.


Jane makes the utmost effort to win.

I'm not frightened.

I did it for him.

They were elected to the Senate in 2008.

Send a telegram!

Do you have a lover?

Charles Jackson wrote his first book before he was thirteen.

Do you want to Romanize your language? Maybe, you should.

It's popular among the elderly.

As a matter of fact, you are absolutely right.

I buy furniture from IKEA.

Ravindranath was in surgery for three hours.

I told her once and for all that I wouldn't go shopping with her.


You know that's where Judy sits, don't you?


We'll always be together.

"What's wrong?" "I can't get my car started."

Linder was stuck in traffic.

I'll give you some fatherly advice.

Judy is kind to everyone.

Wasn't that a little too easy?

Darren saw the exhibits.


It was an amazing movie.

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I'll probably be a great-grandfather by the time I'm 75.


I'd like to go to Boston someday.


Aaron showed up Monday night.

The policeman was rather abrupt with me.

It'll confuse him.


We balloted for the resolution.


It takes fifteen minutes to walk from here to the campus.

I need to call him.

Maybe you'd better call them.


You can ask for help if you need it.

Do it any way you can.

He always ate fruit for dessert.

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Sue told me you were retired.

The government tortured the citizen to make him confess.

Our success depends on whether he helps us or not.


A lion is strong.

I want a volunteer to help me.

Melanie likes eating pizza.


Marsha thinks he's getting ripped off.

I told Piete I was interested.

Jagath has a cast iron stomach. He can eat just about anything.

Can you explain everything to me?

The following passage is a quotation from a well-known fable.

I would do anything for you.

We are in grave danger.


I really need the money.

There is a conference going on in the next room.

What are their names?

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It takes twenty minutes to walk from the station to school.

Inside, they're depressed, but if you looked at them you'd never know it.

I am sweating in my bed.

How do you know they're looking for us?

I'm so sorry for what's happened but don't worry. It won't happen again.


I know you tried.

Hi, I'm Taro Kawaguchi.

Price has the ability to do what needs to be done.

Haven't seen you for a while, and you've grown taller!

They wanted to know where Christophe was.