This isn't worth dying for.

Lack of sleep was undermining her health.


Jerrie looks really hurt.

Rudy is the only one who doesn't look tired.

He would be tied to a tree, and a monkey, placed behind him, would hit him on the head with a rock.

The overture contains of all the main themes.

I just hope everything works.

To make money is not the purpose of life.

Don't trouble about me.

I want to donate money.

The judge made no bones about his disgust with the accused's actions and handed down the severest sentence possible.

We probably should've applied for a visa much earlier.

Hon probably bought it with the money his father gave him.


The balcony juts out over the street.

He had no friends, no money, no home...but he played happily all the same.

Bea and Barbra are trying to have a baby.

Do you have alcohol-free drinks?

Shane hasn't met Saad even once.

I can buy what I need at a store near my house.

You just have to ask for it.

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What do you mean by cultural relativism?

This is what I need to talk to Daryl about.

We were told to stay put.

I can't think of any solution to this problem.

If Mick doesn't swim, I won't either.

I think I can explain what happened.

Theo told me he usually eats breakfast at seven.

They said use of force should be used only as a last choice.

I thought you'd want to see this.

If you are free tomorrow, I can show you around Kyoto.

Bucky took a look at the pictures.

The stepmother sneered at Cinderella.

I want my mother to get well soon.


I'm going to unwrap the package.

Sports cured him of his inferiority complex.

Petr and Irving switched places on the bench.

She took full advantage of the opportunity.

I brought a small notebook where I am going to write my observations.

I made a lot of mistakes back then.

A man like me needs a hat.

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Could you speak to her?

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

Werner decided not to go to Boston.

What a disaster!

I just want to be left alone for a while.

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The strongest drive in human nature is the wish to be important.

Don't let this information leak out.

I could do it again if I had to.

Children that live in homes with vinyl floors are more likely to have autism.

There are torches that do not need batteries. Some are charged by shaking them, some by cranking a handle and others by repeatedly pressing a lever.

The sausage sat long on the grill, and got burned.

She went to the new hairdresser in town.

I can't go even if I want to.

Aha! That looks very tasty.


Evelyn didn't do it himself.

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He makes no bones about admitting it.

You told me that she was kind and she really is.

I know what they'll want me to do.

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Don't tell Erik I chickened out, OK?

I'm not going to take advantage of Antonella.

I'm not going to fight a duel.

Jesus welcomes you.

You must follow the regulations.


I share your feelings.

You may as well tell me the truth.

You will eat.

You haven't told anyone, have you?

Some Arabs are Christians.

I'll know not to do that next time.

I do not want to ask for wine.

1. Finely chop the chicken breast meat.

Brodie doesn't need to wear glasses anymore.

Please don't think of it that way.

Ji isn't ready for this.

Teruyuki taught his children how to play chess.

I don't think anyone really expected you to help.

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I don't feel like doing anything.

What would you have him do?

Do you have any left in stock?

Sofoklis told us a lot of jokes.

I knew it would be painful.

We're lucky Wes is here to help us do this.

I need this more than you do.


On the right, there is a field of barley; while on the left, there is a field of wheat.


Pete said he should go.

The substitute teacher was nice but not too bright.

I have to be in Boston all next week.

Did you see a sick moose?

He will fall ill sooner or later.

The doctors couldn't determine the cause of death.

I never had the courage to open it.

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I wish you the best of luck in your next endeavor.

It is no longer customary.

What's the minimum wage in your country?

I want your blood.

She's learning to swim.

By and by the party ended and everyone went home.

What do you have in the box?

What were you like when you were fifteen?

Takayuki resumed where he left off.

As soon as Jim got home, he made a beeline for the rest room.

Everyone dreams.

You have to study English step by step.

I've never been robbed.

You should take things more seriously.

Finally, the prophecies lead to the lost glory in and over the people of God.

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I tried to learn this song by heart.


The soldiers ordered the miners to leave.

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My sister always makes fun of me.


Surya is having some problems with his grades.

Moran is funny.

We couldn't open the door because it was locked from within.

I didn't feel like going out.

When was the last time I was here?

Erik drank Glenn under the table.

This wind is a sign of a storm.

It's still bright outside.

Can you distinguish silver from tin?

His squeaky-clean image will probably get him elected.

The devil lurks behind the cross.

Miriamne got up and walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

She left her dog in my room.

She was born in 1960.

Can I tell him about this?

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The end of the rainy season came late this year.

Do you know when they'll arrive?

Nothing is more pleasant than traveling.

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Are there many clubs in your city?

Janice made me eat it.

In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, folklore is rapidly scattering before the practical spirit of modern progress. The traveling peasant bard or story teller, and the devoted "nyanya", the beloved nurse of many a generation, are rapidly dying out, and with them the tales and legends, the last echoes of the nation's early joys and sufferings, hopes and fears, are passing away.

I wanted Laurianne to look at me instead of Anderson.

How long does it take to deliver a pizza?

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It doesn't look like you're busy.

There are too many ads on YouTube.

I began to sweat.

Lou looked puzzled.

My parents discouraged me from traveling alone.

I thought you might like that.

There is little sugar left in the pot.

They'll get out of class in forty minutes.

His house stands on the hill.

Why are we dealing with Jacob?

They're racists.

I admit that I made a mistake.

Anatole and Trent sat under a tree eating a picnic lunch.

Penny is a kind and obedient man.

It's music to my ears.

The collards that you gave me yesterday were delicious.

I'm not going to Pedro's party.

Will you please connect me with Mr. Smith?

You're the only person I know that doesn't like bananas.

That's Vidhyanath's problem.

Pim was arrested for stealing a napkin at a restaurant.

Elsa started packing his suitcase.

We just happened to be there.


Drunk driving is a serious problem.

They're trying.

It's not in my contract.


Mat promised he'd go straight home.

Kikki seemed older and more mature than the other boys.

Close your eyes for a moment and look for the answer.

Diane doesn't love you as much as I love you.

She changed the subject.

The nest fell from the tree.

He's moving in with his girlfriend.

I noticed that everyone in the room except me was wearing a suit.

Why do you think I'm upset?


The speaker paused and then went on talking again.

I've already eaten.

We had a long spell of fine weather.

This year's harvest will fall short of last year.

Sherri sat under a tree, strumming his ukulele.

It'll work fine.

It aimed to petition the Association of Academies that it officially select a language. The response was negative.

He drank the beer in one gulp.

It really sucks when scatology turns to eschatology, or the other way round.