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The children love to hear stories.


Rajeev was at an AA meeting.


This photograph reminds me of my childhood.

I'm glad you told me about Earl.

All her sentences are short.

I know that cntrational is interested in Lojban.

Have you considered that?


Let me tell you something, Taurus.


Due to the bad weather, the game was called off.


The headwind blew against the sail.

Kazuhiro is in surgery now.

Polly forgot that he once told Cindy that only she gave his life any meaning.


The company has hard and fast rules against lateness.

Do you mind if I turn off the AC?

In the middle of a pond on a tiny island is a charming little duck house.


That child was clinging to his mother.

We're not too old for them.

Can we see you a second?

The mystery deepens.

My feet hurt so much, I think that I must have run them right through to the bone.

I had a great night.

I thought Phiroze was your brother.


When you think things cannot possibly get worse, that's when I show up.

I don't want to see it now.

I wish I had eaten at that restaurant before it burned down.

Claire is likely to be late again.

How many documents do you have to translate?

Elliott and Jordan sit next to one another in science class.

Nothing will ever change.

It doesn't sound like much.

We have so many students.

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Let's slip away quietly.

What's Butler's problem anyway?

People that think and speak only about themselves are hopelessly uneducated.

Tycho Brahe benefited greatly from King Fredrik's generous support.

Guess what he told me.

Did Harv bribe Becky?

This fridge is only 24 inches wide. It's perfect for small apartments.

Mickey's grinning.

There's a mitigation in the translation.

My heart fluttered with excitement.

You've really done a fine job.

Kieran likes his beer really cold.

My wife telephones me often when I am abroad.


It doesn't bother me if you stay.

Maybe others have better ideas.

It is very hard, and sometimes very dangerous, to be an astronaut.

You can use the word processor anytime.

Come to my house.


It is not rare that she leaves her umbrella behind.

The truck drove away.

What color do you think she likes?


The old man died of cancer.

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I can come over to help, but not this Monday night.

This is Wilmer, my ex-girlfriend.

Would you ever consider dating your best friend's ex-boyfriend?

At night he goes out in the city to drink something.

You guys seem to think your proposal is far and away the best, but as far as I'm concerned it's all six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.

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The influx of foreign workers has caused a serious housing problem in this area.

You know you don't have to do this.

Mr Kojima had a smoke after breakfast.

You must stop smoking.

Just out of curiosity, what would you do?

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I can't write today.

I'm not related to him.

Some people are never content with what they have.

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A protocol is used when computers intercommunicate, just as human beings do.

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It's in plain sight.

I'd like you to answer my question.

Do we really have to go back?

I decided to be a doctor.

I was surprised.

List knew what Jurevis wanted to eat.

You two look busy.

Dominick finally got it.

Pickpockets may operate in this area.

I wasn't expecting to hear from you.

All you have to do is wait and see.

I love strawberries on Christmas cake.

The visitor has gone away five minutes before you came back.


I'd like another glass of water, please.

You ought to read English aloud.

This car belongs to us.

How big is your dog? Mine is small.

I'm pretty sure Billy understands French.

America's war with Spain was over.

The senator denied repeated requests for an interview.

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It is most important to emphasize that none of these processes are conscious.

There are ten decades in a century.

Do you pluck your eyebrows?


I squished one.

He intended to reexamine the case from the beginning.

The decision is Narendra's.

I'm sure glad that's over with.

He looked at the sky.

His soldiers feared and respected him.

I sure hope I don't catch anything.


If anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

You may rest assured that we shall do all we can.

He negotiated a lower price with the real estate agent.

Nicholas is very particular about his food.

It's safer.

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This university was founded by Nadeem Jackson thirty years ago.

Alain gave Pam her hand to kiss.

I'll pay.

Who did she think about?

We have to defend our country from the foreign aggression.

Alexis is still engaged to Miriam, isn't he?

It's time I got revenge. Now I will kill you!


Anti-social behavior is fertile ground for humor. In America, where sexual expression was for long repressed, sex jokes abound. When Clifford Geertz asked a young Balinese man the funniest thing he could think of, the answer was "A younger being rude to his older brother."

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He was so frightened that he could not speak for a moment.

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The apartment is cheap, but it only has communal bathrooms.

You must be very proud of her.

You'll have to drive.

Some of the birds didn't fly.

This stuff isn't for you.

There's really nothing else to say.

I think he was involved in that affair.

I would like that.

You need sleep.

Something has happened to my car.

I'll go and get your coat.


Sundaresan lived in a one-bedroom apartment.


Arnold is not as tall as Douglas.

How could I possibly say no?

The prognosis was dire.


Sixty-four-bit software will not run on 32-bit architecture.

We've got a pool.

I asked you if you wanted some help.

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He was watching TV last night.


This might do.

They haven't seen the likes of it.

Wilson reluctantly handed Jelske the money.

Neil tapped on the window.

She speaks Spanish well.


One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

OK, I guess I'm ready.

This isn't a negotiation.


The army was on the warpath.


The accident took place the day before yesterday.


Today, I had a math test.

I don't think there's any significant damage.

Dr. Tanaka carried out tests for two years on three hundred rats.


Rusty looks wobbly.

Konrad has a powerful grip.

Don't be too long.

I hope Mann is well.

I've already eaten my lunch.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by just doing it right the first time.

Does a cow have a pink udder?


You are supposed to come at 7 o'clock.

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There are over 15 different kinds of pies.

YouTube videos are very meaningless.

Which do you like better, tea or coffee?

Jan told Adam that he had a long talk with John.

You were scared, weren't you?


The sun creates the heliosphere by sending a constant flow of particles and a magnetic field out into space at over 670,000 miles per hour. This stream is called the solar wind.

Don't trust anybody over thirty.

He became known as a doctor.

I met him on the stairs as I was coming up.

I'll buy the drinks.