Don't worry. I am not mad at you.

The child had a pure heart.

Are we gonna get some beer, dude?

The knife punctured his lung.

Clouds are flying across the sky.

The notebook is lying on the table.

I thought Bonnie would be perfect for Renu.

Let's hope Janice doesn't come.

Jerald hit the nail right on the head.

Do you think I should apologize to Nikolai?

A bee buzzes.

Math scares me.

He told me he was going to America.

The authorities couldn't run in the merchant, since his deals were all above board.


He felt sad because he lost his father.

We don't study for life, but for school.

Is this your glass or your sister's?


Sundaresan doesn't seem very smart.

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I work out to stay in shape.


They ate cheese and crackers.

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Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.


It blew my mind.

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They all burst out laughing.

I could've done that better.

Mark seems conscientious.


Datu visited Alvin.


Things happened fast.

I'm really glad to hear that.

Let's hope it's all true.

Jorgen loves his wife.

They were determined to travel the length of Vietnam in just eight days.

I shall never follow links posted by Muiriel again.

Jacob showed up Monday night.

Norbert couldn't understand why Nicolas had to quit her job.

Have you eaten anywhere interesting lately?

Anna doesn't understand this.

Juliane invited Suzanne to dinner.


Without your help, we wouldn't have finished in time.

How did you make out on your French finals?

Have you ever tried Brazilian food?

The weather here can change quickly.

I heard my name called twice in the dark.


He had to let his secretary go because she got married.

Come and give me a kiss.

I'm sorry that Takeuchi got hurt.


The scholar is an authority on fiscal policy.


If God had meant for us to be naked, we'd have been born that way.

I used to wear ties, but I don't anymore.

I'll probably be back in Boston a couple of times next year.


It's getting dark early around here. The sun seems to drop like a rock when autumn rolls around.

A large army and navy would be needed.

A tablet is a mobile computer with display, circuitry and battery in a single unit.

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Someone may have to go help Stacy.

He plays baccarat.

Have you ever even met them?

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The boat sank in a flash.


I have a bowing acquaintance with Mr Smith.

I understand how you felt.

The ship struck northward.


Did you really kiss Joanne?

Jonathan will get here soon.

It was an easy decision.

The fight lasted three seconds.

It's very unlikely that Sergeant acts that way at home.

Lenora is a little tipsy.

It's enough, don't cry!


I still wake up early.

There are only two kind of people in the world.

That was a very nice lunch.


No one has the right to treat you like this.

I didn't know she was ill.

For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.

Go be with him.

What did Lindsey really want?


Our teacher is strict, and yet, he is kind.

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I don't understand, what does this change.


The police aren't after us anymore.


She has great ability in teaching English.


Juan had an accident.

Will you go somewhere this summer?

How quickly can you finish these pictures?


I reminded him to write to his mother soon.

Actually, it was very interesting.

I need help.

How can I find them?

We majored in literature at the university.

Sandip could be there.

Did she plan to go to Germany?

A day has twenty-four hours.

I don't know what I'll do.

Who's your favourite video game character?

Marvin is being sued by more than one person.


We're alone.

I'm sure there won't be any problem.

This implies the needed ability to nag native speakers to create example sentences using the phrases WE find difficult.

Some of my friends smoke.

Fewer people have come to wear hats after the war.

I haven't yet read the report.

Wasn't that a little too easy?

Sometimes Rex doesn't really understand what's going on.

I don't think they did this.

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He saw at a glance that his daughter had been crying.

She ran very fast to catch up with the other members.

I just want to say how thankful I am for all your help.

I'm not sure what to say.

Don't make a fool of me.

I think that this material is of benefit to everyone.

I don't think that'll happen.


This is going to take hours.

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Some Germans work for only one euro an hour.


Pull as hard as you can when I tell you.

They did an experiment to see if the drug improved memory.

How do I get to the train station?


Walk slowly, and I will catch up with you.


Can you please just shut up already?

Earnie was busy all day yesterday.

It's not a toy!


The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

You shouldn't still be alive.

Peter is a merry fellow.

These are probably worth at least three hundred dollars.

It was a bit of high jinks.

A little good news wouldn't hurt.

I heard you two are going out now. Is it true?


I do not quite understand what you mean.


I understand his frustration.

Is it possible to cry underwater?

Pria is watching a movie on his computer.


The problem is theirs.

Let us support participatory practices.

The politician was accused of nepotism when he employed his wife in his electoral office, without advertising the position.

Your car handles easily.

The word came to be used for all small heavenly bodies revolving about larger ones.

I know where Manavendra hides the key.

The money will probably be split evenly between those two.

Manolis's double-parked.

We'd better go pick up Carsten.

Roberta has a black bruise on his right leg.

That was Ruth you were just talking to, wasn't it?

I'll never forget shaking the President's hand last year.

I've become impotent.

You're so big.

These rockets are designed for reuse.

He came early in the morning.

Isadora Duncan danced with such grace that she was invited to dance in Europe.

No one was killed in the fire.

I'm just beginning.

They all walked.

I need you to go to the post office and mail this letter.


I hope I don't lose.


Ragnar and Carole showered John with confetti.

I assume you have some information about this.

Cats are smart.

We had no choice except to put up with it.

All he wants is power to advance the agenda of a small group of vengeful geeks.

Why did you invite us?

Were you there when it happened?


Italy's country code is 39.

Some day my dream will come true.

How much does a room cost?