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I see "JnF Specialties" on my credit card statement but I don't remember buying anything from them.

Where did this charge on my credit card come from?

Your credit card statement shows that you placed an order for a downloadable product over the internet for your Company's quality improvement project. Typically, a quality control manual or form, inspection procedure or quality management system kit.

Thank you very much for your business. We wish you the best for your project.

Email a request to send a copy of your receipt or call 719-649-4242 to confirm your order.

Search the library of practical quality control solutions or call to facilitate your Company's quality improvement project: 719-649-4242.

Leading Edge Quality Improvement Solutions from At-Practical Quality Control(sm):

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AC7004 Nadcap Quality System for special process certification.

872-232-3233 for steel fabricators and erectors.

7082562782 for manufacturers of non-complex products.

FYI - DLA replaced their requirement for "Tailored ISO 9001:2008" with AS9003:2012!

Fortunately, AS9003:2012 is based upon the old ISO 9001:2008 standard instead of the 2015 update, which will save your Company some time and effort.

Click here to browse our bare minimum AS9003 QMS kit - opens in new tab/page.

Our founding website is (901) 237-5829.

Our library and secure purchase website is JnF Specialties At-Practical Quality Control (sm).