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In high school, my cross-country coach once counseled me to open my clenched fists. Stay relaxed, he said. The energy that you use to clench your fists is energy that you need for running. To this day, every time a shirt rides up or a shoe comes untied, I shout, “Noooo! I need this energy […]

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To Amazon, Alexa isn’t only a voice assistant—it’s a lifestyle. Amazon announced more than a dozen new hardware hardware products, along with several software updates, all aimed at bringing its Alexa to more devices. Smart home aficionados can look forward to an updated Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show speakers, newly equipped with a […]

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Our expectations for smartwatches are inherently contradictory: We expect them to be simple, and yet we want them to do so much. We need them fit on our wrists, tell the time, and have enough battery life to get us through at least the day. At the same time, we want them to run apps, […]

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September 24, 2018

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Amazon is all-in on Alexa, and this week, it revealed a new set of voice-enabled products ranging from a a wall clock to a doodad that goes in your car. The star and symbol for this bold new wave of Alexa devices? The AmazonBasics Microwave. At a glance, it looks identical to every other 700W […]


How Lego Came to Be the World’s Most Famous Brick

When Ole Kirk Kristiansen imported a newfangled contraption called a plastic-injection-­molding machine to Denmark in 1946, people thought he’d lost his mind. Kirk Kristiansen was a master carpenter who made wooden toys sold under the brand name Lego (abbreviated from leg godt, Danish for “play well”). The machine cost nearly 7 percent of the company’s […]

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This week, Sony revealed a new miniature PlayStation, Nintendo launched its online service, a bundle of Apple products started shipping, and Amazon put its Kindles and other top devices on sale as it showed off a heap of new products. With the help of TechBargains, we’ve put together the best deals of the week so […]

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This Smart Telescope Finds the Heavenly Bodies for You

If you want your kids to actually get excited about astronomy, don’t ­fumble around with your telescope for 20 minutes while you try to locate Pegasus. ­BOR-ing. Leave the star-searching to the smartphone-connected Stellina scope from the French company Vaonis. The companion app streamlines heavenly gazing by precisely aiming the robotic telescope—at, say, Pegasus—in as […]

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