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Creative Dynamics for Dynamic Companies Ltd  (CDDC)

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Is your organisation under performing? 
Do you feel your company could be doing better?
Are you having staff issues?
Are there stress issues among your personnel?

The causes of business underperformance are wide and varied, but poor management, low creativity levels and high stress are all significant factors.

By working with people in key and influential positions, clear and effective solutions are found. The consequences of developing high performance individuals for an organisation are huge.

Staff in an under-performing company often feel pressurised and threatened, and a company growing excessively exposes its personnel to pressure and significant stress levels.

CDDC offers unique courses to develop improved working levels and stress free thought processes by developing  high performance individuals.

The consequence is that managers become more receptive, open minded and less stressed. Executives develop greater leadership skills, become more creative and find better solutions to ensure greater business outcomes.


“This course (Creative Dynamics workshop) allowed managers to rationalise some previously confusing behaviours which are affecting the organisation. Having clarified the nature of this behaviour it has become easier to deal with the associated issues. On a personal level our delegates feel more resilient in dealing with workplace ambiguity”

– Trevor Ford,  Lead Associate,   Unisolutions, University of Cumbria.