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What would happen if someone asked you to divide your daily or weekly income into hours and determine what your time is worth? Would you be happy with the number or would you feel cheated? Knowing your own bottom line will help you to decide what extra jobs to pick up, what tasks you should hire out, and which...

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Are you always just a little short on cash when you need it the most? Finding ways to pay that bill your forgot about or going somewhere special for the day is easy – at least if you know where to look. In this post, you’ll learn about seven insanely simple ways to generate some extra income, all without...

How Failure Leads to Success

We consider most successful people to be savvy and talented, often taking for granted how long or hard a person may have paid their dues. It’s also easy to neglect the importance failure may have played in that process, and that mistake can carry over into how we perceive and navigate our own personal journeys. Quick Read: Failure leads to success...
When it comes to your financial security, your credit score is one of the most influential assets you have. Good credit is essential to achieving your long-term goals and misusing it could spell disaster. Here are five of the worst possible ways to utilize this important resource. Quick Read: Bad credit scores come from consistent or drastic misuse of your credit....


it’s easy to become discouraged during difficult times. Staying motivated is the secret to getting past these troublesome challenges, but it sure isn’t easy when you’re facing insurmountable stress. The good news is that hard doesn’t mean impossible. Here’s how to stay on track and push through to positivity. Quick Read: Negative thoughts create negative energy. When this happens, unhealthy emotions...